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Chapter 13. Don't DYSH!
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How to sabotage your own sales team
"Did you get the sale?"
"Did You Sell Him?.. Or.. Did You Sell Her?"
– Sales Manager to salesperson

1. If you are a salesperson in a company, the reason you have a sales manager is because there are some things that machines can’t yet do! These things are critical to the survival and success of any business. And what does a business need? A business needs productive humans.

2. Your managers get paid because of how they can help you to be more productive. Your managers are paid to help you to think! To learn! To notice! To create! To solve! To plan! To explain! To improve! To get along! To contribute! To produce! To CHECK!

Out Of Thin Air

3. A good manager can help you learn how to pull CHECK moves out of thin air. The UNCHECKTOCHECK strategy can literally produce new business out of thin air. How? Since UNCHECKTOCHECK is the only move that can produce new business – you either do it or you don’t. You either make the move or you don’t. You either escape from UNCHECK or you don’t. If you don’t, nothing will happen. If you do, something will happen. That something could be new business. Yes, you can just pull a CHECK move out of thin air.

Example: Years ago in New York, I saw a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey when she was starting out in her career as an actress. She said she read the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker. Two hours after reading the book she wrote to the author (UNCHECKTOCHECK) saying, "You don’t know me, but I just read your book and am devastated. I am an actress and if you ever make it into a movie please let me know. I’ll do anything, I’ll even play the venetian blinds just to be in it!"

Oprah also included reviews and details of her career.
Alice Walker wrote back and they linked up with Stephen Spielberg who subsequently directed the movie and Oprah was on her way. If that’s not out of thin air, what is?

4. You can surely think of a personal example where by using UNCHECKTOCHECK you created an opportunity out of thin air that never would have happened if you didn’t escape from UNCHECK.

The One-Second Escape

5. If I were asked what I felt was the most difficult feat in selling I would say, 'To escape from UNCHECK'.

6. How long does it take to escape from UNCHECK? ... It takes about one second to escape from UNCHECK:

  • Voicemail? It takes one second to pick up the phone.

  • Email/postmail? It takes one second to press SEND on an email or to drop a postcard in a mail box.

  • 'Meetmail'? It takes one second to say, "Hello" to another person.

7. Yes, I know there’s more time involved in all these activities but right now I’m just focusing on the moment of escape from UNCHECKTOCHECK and that moment only takes a second.

86,400 seconds a 24 hour Day

8. If it only takes a second to escape from UNCHECK then how many of these escape moments are there each day?

9. The answer is 86,400! .... While I’m not suggesting we can ever harvest all of these moments each and every day, it shows that we are well-endowed with UNCHECKTOCHECK opportunities.

10. Sometimes, in my training seminars and workshops, I refer to the untapped business potential – UNCHECK – as the 'dark matter of the business universe'. Why? Because, every day, 99.99 per cent of all possible UNCHECKTOCHECK moves remain hidden. Like the dark matter of the universe, the opportunities to switch from UNCHECKTOCHECK mostly go unnoticed.

11. Even if a salesperson performed UNCHECKTOCHECK at the level of 8.4 times every day (which would be high for many business people) that still means that 99.99 per cent of all possible UNCHECKTOCHECK moments remain untouched for that day. Just think!

12. Childish closing techniques are tired, old news. Do you travel around in a horse and cart? No. Well, why use even more antiquated sales and business methods?

13. Your manager can:

  • help you build your repertoire of UNCHECKTOCHECK moves, help you become more focused, help you get more done and be more in control so you can make more customer contacts or more sales calls

  • manage and reward your activity as measured on your daily TT Reports and help manage you by using the Ten Feedback Questions in Chapter 12.


14. Nothing is better documented in business than the fact that the majority of salespeople and their managers are mediocre at selling. In fact, last year, 80 per cent of the nation’s gross sales were made by only 20 per cent of the sales people. Research has shown that most of these selling failures (and, in selling, mediocrity is failure) are caught up running round and round, trapped in the CHECKMATE/UNCHECK loop. It goes something like this:

a. The sales person focuses his/her effort on CHECKMATE

b. Since s/he cannot control CHECKMATE s/he feels rejection, so

c. S/he switches off to UNCHECK and fills his or her time with ‘busy’ work

d. Salesperson stops doing the CHECK move and this is called 'call reluctance'.


15. By the way, would you like to know what is the most effective way to mismanage and sabotage a sales team? It’s by DYSHing them. DYSH your salespeople and you are dooming them to UNCHECK via CHECKMATE. This can happen whenever they report in after a sales meeting by asking them the following question: Did You Sell Him? Or Did You Sell Her? or D-Y-S-H? (Or any variation of DYSH such as Did you get the sale? Did they buy? Did you get the order? Did you close him? and so on.)

16. Your manager should never DYSH you. This is oldfashioned ‘results-driven’ management and has failed us miserably. DYSH tells you that management expects you to focus on CHECKMATE, which is impossible. When a salesperson is asked by their manager, ‘Did you get the sale?’ it switches that person straight into the CHECKMATE/UNCHECK loop and dooms them to the dreaded sales diseases of rejection, call reluctance, and ultimate failure. If you don’t believe this. Test it. The facts are well documented.


17. The newsell manager moves ahead with ‘process-driven’ management. The newsell manager asks:

  • Did you CHECK a customer?

  • Did you switch from UNCHECKTOCHECK?

  • How many times did you escape from UNCHECK today?

  • Can I have your TT Report?

  • How can I help you increase your C moves?

18. The newsell manager uses more constructive questions like,

  • ‘Did you CHECK him, again?’

  • “What was his reaction?’

  • ‘What did you do then?’

  • ‘What is your next CHECK move’?

  • or any of the TEN FEEDBACK QUESTIONS,

  • or your own variations on them.

19. Your manager can do nothing to manage CHECKMATE but s/he can bring a wealth of experience and corporate resources to the CHECK move.

20. KEY POINT: Your manager cannot manage results your manager can only manage the process that gets you results. Or, you cannot manage CHECKMATE you can only manage UNCHECKTOCHECK.

21. Sales managers! Please, don’t DYSH your salespeople!

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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