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Chapter 14. NO Limits
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Why there are no limits to newsell

‘Your range of available choices –
right now – is limitless’
Carl Frederick

‘There is a great treasure there behind our skull . . .
we have only learned a very, very small part of what it can do.’
– Isaac Bashevis Singer

1. Limitations.... What are they?.... Do they exist?.... Where do they come from?.... Are they real? .... Very often, limitations are in the eye of the beholder. One person sees a bottle of champagne as half empty, yet another sees it as half full; both are ‘right’.

2. In general terms, limitations are the business of the Left Brain which packages up little patterns of our past experience for our future use. This, of course, is a very useful function of the Left Brain, and saves us the bother of having to re-invent breakfast every morning.

Backing Into The Future

3. The downside of this is that we often find ourselves backing into the future, dragging our precious experience with us. We look at new information in terms of our experience: does it match? .... No, therefore it’s ‘wrong’, and we discard it.

4. The future is the business of the Right Brain, which has no limitations. Unfortunately, our Western education which has made a god out of logic, has largely ignored the development of our Right Brain. We live in an age where our technology is in the 21st century, but much of our thinking is still in the 15th century.

Right Brain Illiteracy

5. We know what a person looks like who is Left Brain-illiterate. Unable to read or write, it may be difficult for them to grasp opportunities and see concepts that require articulation. Yet many highly-educated and articulate people are Right Brain-illiterate. They are so full of their past experience, that they cannot escape from their point of view, and they cannot see the unlimited number of possible futures that are coming towards them. All they can see are the limitations of a set past, which they try to impose on the future. There is, of course, no guarantee that the next decade will be the same as the last decade.

6. In business, if you are doing this year exactly what you did last year, you are in deep fertiliser. You’re being rapidly left behind.

History Shows

7. Western history is full of examples of this phenomenon. Left Brains trying to impose their limited experience on the unlimited possibilities of the Right Brain.

8. Here are some examples:

‘Animals, which move, have limbs and muscles;
the earth has no limbs and muscles, hence it does not move.’
– Scipio Chiaramonti, Professor of Mathematics, Pisa, 1633 AD

‘Woman may be said to be an inferior man.’
– Aristotle, Greek philosopher, 4th century BC

‘Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.’
– Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, 17 October 1929

‘I tell you Wellington is a bad general, the English are bad soldiers;
we will settle the matter by lunchtime.’
– Napoleon, the morning of Waterloo

‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull will never make it as a paperback.’
– James Galton, Publisher, 1972

‘You’d better learn secretarial work or else get married.’
– Emmeline Snively, Director of Model Agency counseling Marilyn Monroe, 1944

‘The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad.’
Bank President advising Horace Rackham (Henry Ford’s lawyer)
not to invest in Ford Motor Company, 1903

‘The odds are now that the United States will not be
able to honour the 1970 manned-lunar-landing date set by Mr Kennedy.’
– New Scientist, 30 April 1964

The netizens are coming!

9. It may be that limitations are an illusion caused by the inability of a person to balance their past experience stored in their Left Brain, with the unlimited possible futures which can be brought to them by their Right Brain.

10. Take the Internet, for example. As far as UNCHECKTOCHECK is concerned, there is no limit to its use. The Internet continues to grow at a great rate. Soon the net will have a billion hosts (individual computers with registered IP addresses). At the time of writing there are around 400 million hosts or ‘netizens’; what does this mean? It means, look over the cyber-horizon, what can you see? They’re coming! Six-hundred million of them – future netizens, future e-commerce customers.

11. The Net market is exploding and we can expect some extraordinary changes in every part of our system as the netizens keep coming in droves.

Millions of Millionaires

12. As time goes on it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid becoming a millionaire. For example, in the US in 1975, there were only 350,000 millionaire households or 0.5 percent of the population. By 2005, 5,600,000 households are estimated to be worth $1 million or more – 5.2 per cent of all US households – according to figures from the Affluent Market Institute. Baby boomers (and their children who stand to inherit $20 trillion over the next 20 years), represent the fastest growing segment of millionaires. Households in the $5 million category number about 328,000; while 38,000 have at least $10 million.

13. The same goes for Australia. In 1986 Australia had 25,000 millionaires. Recently Australia joined Singapore, Hong Kong and India as being home to the world’s largest growth in the number of millionaires. Australia has experienced nearly a 15 per cent increase in the number of high net-worth individuals, ranking ahead of the US, UK and Canada. Reporting on a study of global wealth distribution, Professor Yew Kwang Ng of Monash University, Economics Department, Melbourne says ‘Taking natural resources and leisure time into account, Australia is the wealthiest country in the world followed by Canada.’

14. This means that there are newsell opportunities on a scale never before experienced in history. There is no limit to the use of UNCHECKTOCHECK and the trend continues to be positive.

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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