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WOMBAT SELLING: How to sell by Word of Mouth


Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is a Melbourne-based author, motivational speaker and cognitive scientist, whose research has been in designing human thinking strategies and what he calls ‘software for the brain’. In 1979 he co-founded the School of Thinking in New York City with Dr. Edward de Bono. In 1980, Dr. de Bono was Michael’s tutor for the world’s first PhD in Lateral Thinking. Since then, Michael’s training lessons have reached over 70 million people worldwide. He is acknowledged for having provided the theoretical base for the current trend of ‘customer-driven’ strategies which informed sales and marketing in the 1980s and ’90s and led to the evolution of darwinian marketing, e-commerce, permission marketing and viral marketing.

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wombatbook.pdf pages 7 - 10

Introduction --- pdf page 11


NOTE: On Acronyms and Repetition --- pdf page 19

Important Memo to CEOS – pdf page 22

1. The Challenge --- pdf page 26
How can dividing your sales team in two halves double your profits?

2. Melbourne, Australia --- pdf page 36
How can an Australian teach Americans anything about selling?

3. The Unclaimed Reward --- pdf page 48
How can any salesperson win $100,000 and a Nobel Prize?

4. Customers detest Oldsell --- pdf page 53
Why do customers detest oldsell and why has oldsell produced such poor results – making a joke out of the selling profession into the bargain?

5. What is Selling? --- pdf page 66
Why is selling either like leadership or treason?

6. The Failure of Sales Training --- pdf page 73
Why do salespeople without sales trainers often do better than salespeople with sales trainers?

7. TCB: Taking Care of Business --- pdf page 82
Why is ‘Taking Care of Business’ more profitable than ‘closing the sale’?


8. The Start --- pdf page 88
It’s not the ‘close’ that takes care of business – it’s the ‘start’

9. Time --- pdf page 99
How to create more time in business

10. Energy --- pdf page 105
How to put more energy into business

11. UNCHECKTOCHECK --- pdf page 113
This is the most strategic move in business

12. TTs — The Newsell Management System --- pdf page 121
The simple key performance indicator of the newsell strategy is the management and measurement of the daily TTs

13. Don’t DYSH! --- pdf page 132
How to sabotage your own sales team

14. No Limits --- pdf page 139
Why there are no limits to newsell

15. Tenpower --- pdf page 145
Simply add a zero


16. Profit --- pdf page 152
‘Profit’ is not a dirty word

17. The Big Three --- pdf page 160
Who are the greatest marketing geniuses?

18. WOMBAT Marketing --- pdf page 169
Why WOMBATs always win in the end

19. 100 Days --- pdf page 184
How to make a profit in 100 days

20. Database --- pdf page 188
Names. Names. Names, and more names.

21. Offer --- pdf page 196
Is your offer A class or B class?

22. Flipping The Newsell Switch --- pdf page 201
Some of my favourite examples – old and new

23. CVS Review --- pdf page 209
How to find out what your customer REALLY wants

24. The Message --- pdf page 219
The message is the medium

25. The Next 10 Days --- pdf page 227
Time to cut bait or start fishing

26. The Next 100 Days --- pdf page 232
The Newsell Coaching Program
Go and Talk to the Wombats --- pdf page 234
250 UNCHECKTOCHECK Switches --- pdf page 236


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