Ideal Network offers an Ideal System to:
access Authentic Self and Consciousness,
connect with an Ideal MasterMind Team & Ideal Networks,
grow ever-more Whole-Life Profit-Generating MasterMind Teams,
build Financial Prosperity and Security,
have Ideal Solutions,
keep Ideal LifeStyle Cube BALANCE

Marching Forward from CVS to BVS to EBVS
From Current View of Situations To Better Views To Ever Better Views!!!!

DAILY Briefing and Dialogs
Times and URL provided to members via email and posted in Skype Group Conversation...
Add darlene.sartore to your Skype Contacts, then request inclusion in Ideal Network Dialogs.
When appropriate we use Conference Rooms... generally:,34530877

To participate with Ideal Network and
begin Ideal Solutions Educare Email Series
fill in and submit "Sign Up" form at
then become a Supporting Member

Network daily with Ideal Networkers to keep Thoughts and Actions focused ON
Ideal Dynamics to produce Desired Results...
WHERE - ON WHAT - thoughts are focused IS what is manifested and experienced!
IDEAL Network Participants may also be part of
Ideal Skype Team so you have instant access to Senior Guides
who can help access whatever Wisdom you might need
for Manifesting Your Vision!

Participate with other Ever-Better and Ideal Thinkers;
Learn and Apply Methods to have an Ideal System for the

IDEAL Art of Living (Paradisiacally) On Earth In the Here And Now!!!!
Ideal Portfolio 101 - Begin with Accurate Plan and Efficient Building Tools
When these actions are complete,
begin building the next Ideal Portfolio Niche
Earning Money Being ECO-Green Friendly
Ideal Portfolio 102 - Be Green

By expressing Our Authentic Life we express Good Beingness
and naturally reflect Ever-Better Attitudes, Thoughts and Actions;
thereby creating An Ever-Better Experiential Self, Lifestyle, Family,
Community, Economy, Environment, and World

Thinking is the learned skill of leading the self. Leadership is the learned skill of helping others to lead themselves. We learn thinking skills and produce desired results first in our subconsciousness that guides our actions in transmuting energy to manifest as our physical reality. Unfortunately most Human Beings inherit anti-life MEMES in the subconsciousness that block Authentic Life Vibrations (a desired result) and Authentic Self Thinking and Actions from connecting and expressing... Identifying and disempowering these anti-life MEMES is the first objective of an Ever-Better Thinker... Daily Briefings in Our Virtual Office provide GUIDE for achieving this objective... We begin by accepting the wisdom to:

Think Global --- Act Locally and In CyberSpace
This planet is our Home, it is a GIFT PlayGround on which to express Life.
Life IS a GIFT, and Living IS a GIFT we give Life.
We treasure these Gifts by proper sustainable care;
We can easily learn about and acquire these Proper Sustainable Care Skills
by participating with educare programs
within An Ever Better World Community
which includes options to have ALL Forms of Wealth... including:
Ideal Life Expressions,
Ideal Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health,
Ideal Financial Health, Prosperity, & Security
Ideal Happiness
These are applied to create an Ideal LifeStyle (aka Personal Paradise)
and inspire others to do the same;
together we have an Ideal Society (aka) Paradise On Earth!

To achieve these objectives quickly with grace, elegance and ease,
We Inspire Learning and Application of
"BE > Do > Have Certain Way" To Manifest Desired Results.
BE Honest > BE Responsible
BE Appropriately Response Enabled
BE Thinking and DOING that which manifests IDEAL Life-Style and IDEAL Civilization
Together we individually and collectively
use Massive Action Methods to Apply what is learned,

Daily Marching Forward Achieving Desired Results
using IDEAL Academy for An Ever Better World Projects, Courses,
lectures, open dialogs, and study halls in
in our Internet Conference Rooms

and in Local In-Home Cafés (a/k/a Meet-ups, Energy Tea Parties, LOCAL Ideal Entrepreneur Clubs)

We Facilitate An Energy Transmutation Grand Energy Cycle
Ideal Network > Thinking Network > Thinking Tribes > Thinking Families > Thinking Individuals >
Thinking Individuals > Thinking Families > Thinking Tribes > Thinking Network > Ideal Network

We Connect With People Who:

Connecting People Who Care Enough to think and act in ways so as to have
Ever Better Life-Designs and even IDEAL Life-Designs...
Ever Better Communities and even IDEAL Communities...

WHY Participate ???????????

The main reasons to participant are:
To make it Easy, Profitable, and FUN
To STAY Focused On IDEAL Thoughts, Words and Deeds (Action)
Using A Certain Way Of Success that
WILL manifest OUR Desired Results within the
Art of Living Paradisiacally In the Here And Now

The Law of Attraction is always in operation transmuting energy aligned with prevalent thoughts, words, and other actions... Whatever thoughts are most specific and vivid (clearly defined and passionately engages conscious and subconscious) WINS in Genes and Memes Games! ... We ALWAYS get what is most focused on and interacted with... Be clear about what the subconscious interprets meaning of thoughts and words to be... Constantly Monitor what is said and heard... Consider how often certain phrases are said and heard... For example: "I want ________". (Subconscious interprets the label "want" to mean "desire for lack".) ... "I love you to DEATH." (Subconscious interprets this statement literally - Consider: Do you really desire the person you love to DIE????)... BE clear about how Energy Transmutation functions - Spoken WORDS cause energy to vibrate and align accordingly.

Many terms could be used to define the quality of living in "Paradise On Earth"... the most logic rendings are "Paradisiacal"... "Paradisiacally"... other "labels" might be Global Expressions of Divine Love, Communities of Excellence, Harmony, Perfection, Whole-Life Pleasure, Ideal, IDEAL = I Do Everything Around Life, Longevity, Love, Laughter... Art Of Living (AOL) ... Whatever the "target destination" is labeled, we can reach it by applying EVER BETTER thinking, feeling, and acting... (CVS>BVS>EBC = Current View Of Situation to Better View of Situation to Ever Better Conditions.) - The Current BEST inspiring EVER Better Bests... Perpetual Improvements... Just as in any "game" we improve and hone our skill levels in mastering the components within the unlimited "activities" we select to place our attention upon, thereby empowering energy transmutation in alignment with our conscious intentions and ever improving subconscious paradigms... We must always avoid Paradigm Paralysis which is perhaps the greatest barrier to perpetual improvement paradigms and making paradigm shifts when wise to do so. Paradigm Paralysis is the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking; this is similar to what psychologists term Confirmation Bias.

A few key (unlocking) elements to consider in this exciting adventure includes:
avoiding the Law Of Diminishing Intent
and embracing
Geese-Like TeamWorking and TeamPlaying V/center>

In "teamworking" it is wise to comprehend balances in self-care and free-will services with others... Ponder: John Galt Pledge: "I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." When the life-empowering wisdom within this statement is grasp then crystal clarity emerges that:

There is FAST Success Science Process
for achieving Desired Results of Ideal Conditions...
Whether or not that voluntarily cooperating process is currently clear,
Join with a team who does, and allow our draft to make the flight much easier...

LIVE interaction in Internet Conference Rooms

Phase ONE DAILY Dialogs online

Get to KNOW us and allow us to Get to Know YOU.... Earn Attention and Trust... Get YOUR ideas into circulation by sharing them in places where others sincerely care about knowing about them.... In interactive Feed-back Feed-forward communications, we learn mutual appreciation, and earn each other's trust. The process of casual spontaneous chatting with each other inspires ever-better ideas to flow forth... Ideas when spoken begin vibrations that transmute energy into function and form... Plus during daily dialogs and updates it's easy to discover about what will be of value to you from some Master Artisans in many areas, who are course presenters and participants at "An Ever Better World Daily Educational Conferences" ... Enjoy dialogs about how to personally have An Ever-Better LifeStyle (and even how to have an Ideal LifeStyle that can always be Ever-Better)... For people desiring to generate financial energy, there are courses and projects offered via An Ever Better World Academy, including how to earn financial wealth sharing this wisdom with others.

To participate

Action Category 1. Join Ideal Network then BE at ONLINE Meetings....
Go to - click on Sign-Up in the TOP Menu - Complete and submit the form...
OR send email to:
In Subject line type: I join Ideal Network
Include Your full name, email address, physical address, telephone number and Skype ID (if already use Skype)
IF interested in being a LOCAL AREA Coordinator, in email please provide your current occupation.
An Ideal Network Mentor will contact.
Then BE at Online Briefings and Meetings at designated times in designated Ideal Community and Internet Conference Rooms... For many reasons, we use several difference conferencing systems according to the event and activities... If you get confused at any time about where to be, contact your Ever-Better World Mentor, or Skype Dean Darlene at darlene.sartore ...

Acton Category 2. Participate with the Ideal Academy FREE Adult Ideal LifeStyle Design Course...

(2-1) Subscribe to the FREE Ideal Solutions Educare Series... Subscribe FORM in Members Area at ... The FREE Ideal Solutions Educare Series is ON the Internet; it is designed to present Universal Laws and Predictable Constants. From clarity about these "laws" it is much easier to have Ideal LifeSytles, Ideal Families, Ideal Communities and Ideal World...

(2-2)Attend ONLINE Meetings... Schedule and location in Ideal Network Members Area.

(2-3) Participate with Local Ideal Community Projects... (RE: Action Category 3)

These actions are part of Ideal Academy FREE Adult Ideal LifeStyle Design Level 1 Course which empowers connecting and networking with what we label as "Our Internal and External High Trust Ideal Mentors and Guides"... From Ideal Networking, it's possible to switch from using failure thoughts and other dynamics (action motivators) to Ideal Success Dynamics in 30 minutes instead of 30 hours, and generate personal Ideal LifeStyle Design in 30 days and 30 months instead of 30 to 60 years... Members of the Ideal Network are welcome to made suggestions and submit content to this Ideal LifeStyle Design Educare Series....

Another part of the Adult Level 1 Course includes learning NewTell Techniques that are required for Ideal Success in ALL life-design areas... Participating in this course it's discovered how words ACTUALLY program the brain... "What do I talk about throughout the day?" ... "What are my words actually telling myself and others to do?" ... "What am I selling to myself and others?"

Another part the Ideal LifeStyle Design Adult Level 1 Course includes Entrepreneur OPTIONS that EVERY Internet Enterprise REQUIRES for success... After much due diligence information on this document was selected for FAST PROGRESS in developing entrepreneurial projects to manifest An Ever Better LifeStyle and World... These instantly empower people to SWITCH into an Ever-Better and Ideal Thinking Modality, and apply NewTell techniques, and quickly add multi-money streams to facilitate more quickly achieve the Art of Ideal Living... Because many adults need INSTANT additional streams of money, we've included these and more Prosperity Money Generation OPTIONS.... THUS:

Action Category 3. Participate in creating a Personal Ideal Portfolio - a/k/a Master Artisan TOOL BOXES - Suggested Components at this hot linked document.... All are invited to collect and use components within Ideal Network's Ever-Better World Portfolios and Projects that are of interest to you...

Although Our MAIN component is an online course to facilitate learning "How To THINK Ideally and DO Personal Ever-Better Script Writing" for your personal life-design; FAST Master Artisanship Progress happens with a READY-Made ToolBox with TOOLS included; thus it's requested that participants with Action 1 at same time do Action 2...

Collect TOOLS for Personal Ideal Portfolio and ToolBox...
ANY task requires the Correct and Best Tools to efficient achieve the desired task...

NOTE: You MAY USE these tools for ANY projects without doing anything with any other aspects in this Ever-Better World Project of . THESE TOOLS enhance success of ANY PROJECT you work with...

The FIRST Activities in a Personal IDEAL Plug and Play Portfolio... Identify Area (niche) in which to Build Fortunes... For quickly and easily doing these we are tapping into 5 Activities... Participate with suggested actions and tool options...

Action Category 4. Have an explorative scientific attitude and approach in use of consciousness...

As Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, co-founder of The School Of Thinking, observes: "Scientific theories are fallible. They are made to be challenged, dismantled and reconstructed whenever they are proved to be factually flawed. Scientific theories embrace change and perpetual improvements. The amazing march of science in the past 300 years is a testimony to this feature of fallibility and self-correction to stay on course to producing desired results. Science never wants to discover the ‘best’ truth, but rather "ever better" than what we have at present." (RE: Wombat Book pdf page 63)

Be conscious of primary purposes for enlightened individual's and enlightened collective's using An Ever Better World Community and Projects, as Eckhart Tolle observes in "A New Earth" on Pages 126 - 127: "As the new consciousness emerges some people will feel called upon to form groups that reflect the enlightened consciousness. These groups will NOT be collective egos. The individuals who make up these groups will have no need to define their identity through them (the group). They no longer look to any form to define who they are. Even if the members that make up those groups are not totally free of ego yet, there will be enough awareness in them to recognize the ego in themselves or in others as soon as it (the ego) appears. However, constant alertness is required since the ego WILL try to take over and reassert itself in any way it (the ego) can. Dissolving the human ego by bringing it (the ego) into the light of awareness - this will be one the main purposes of these groups, whether they be enlightened businesses, charitable organizations, schools, or communities of people living together. Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness. Just as egoic collectives pull you into unconsciousness and suffering, the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate the planetary shift." (into consciousness, beingness and light of awareness that inspires the art of living Paradisiacally). -- NOTE: Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago showed HOW to easily do this Success Engineering Process...... text in this font color added to facilitate fuller awareness.)

Action Category 5. BE AWARE and Avoid support of "Looters" and "Predators" following a "Strike" system as set forth by John Galt in Atlas Shrugged novel written by Ayn Rand.... WITH-DRAW AND WITH-HOLD support from any thoughts and any things that might BLOCK being and having Life, along with EVER BETTER, and IDEAL Life-Expressions and Conditions... (It's suggested to learn from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (Cliffs Notes)

Action Category 6. Particicate with All levels of the Ideal Network presented at ... Make Monthly Financial Donations to Ideal Network... Then IF so desired EARN MONEY from participating Ideal Entrepreneur Program (data included in email series began by submitting form in Action 1...

Dynamic 7. Participate in ever more Ideal Entrepreneur OPTIONS endorsed by IDEAL Academy and IDEAL Network for An Ever Better World and even an Ideal World that leads to having an Ideal World, designed for people embracing the Art of Living Paradisiacally... REMEMBER: Because many adults need INSTANT additional streams of money, we've included Prosperity Money Generation OPTIONS, such as: In IDEAL Portfolios presented in Action Category 3... Plus at the Ideal Developer level there are many income-generating positions, such as: being a "Program Tester" and "Certified Academy Course Retailer and Scholarship Provider" ... Data about these aspects is provided during "Orientation" and "Trusted Information Provider" Courses... There are other money generating options within Ideal Educare Cooperatives and more is continually in the pipeline for evaluating and assembling that can be tailored to individual preferences... Data about these are presented during the various courses to which they are connected.... The following reveals some of the valuable Ideal LifeStyle Design Courses...

Various Ideal LifeStyles and Society Courses are studied each month.
Daily in LIVE interactive sessions
we HOLD each other accountable...
WHAT DID I DO today with IDEAL dynamics?
Focus on Universal Laws and Predictable Constants

Resources include:

Some Courses and Resources include:

  • Transition 2009 - Paradigm Shifts in 2009 began inspiring serious Building Bridges TO Ever Better Lifestyles, Communities & World --- 2010 proved the wisdom in time-delays as we explored pivotal and trim-tab events in the past century 1910 to 2011... These events cleared away many obstacles and open many pathways for IDEALS to flow...

  • Biz Evaluation Process - Prosperity Generation OPTIONS

  • IDEAL Art Of Living - All Forms Of Wealth Beyond Reason

  • "Brain Software" Free Book
    including How To Remove Harmful emetic Viruses From Brain, and

  • "NewSell WOMBAT" Free Book and Online Course - Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

  • Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness using Map of Consciousness contained in book "Power Vs Force" - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior - Dr. David R. Hawkins

  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (Cliffs Notes)

  • "The Science Of Getting and Being Rich, Great, Well" -- Darlene Sartore's first person versions of books by Wallace Wattles

  • * "The Master Key System" -- Charles Haanel

  • * "The Science of Getting Rich" -- Wallace Wattles

  • * "The Science of Being Well" -- Wallace Wattles

  • * "The Science of Being Great" -- Wallace Wattles

  • * "A New World In The Making" -- Henry Drummond

  • * "Think And Grow Rich" -- Napoleon Hill

  • * "A New Earth" book by Eckhart Tolle

  • * Ever-Better Brights

  • "The Urantia Papers" -- Topical Reading and Dialogs

* links to these books are provided in course for Level 2 Adult Participants with IDEAL Academy for An Ever Better World.

** Requires Participating with Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses Network...

For the fastest and more easy method to learn and put into operation the Arts and Sciences of Living Paradisiacally In the Here And Now, it's VITAL to consciously comprehend the "Law Of Attraction". -- Because we attract into our experience that with which we are in vibrational resonance, it's common sense to be consciously in tune with our personal vibrational resonance. Unfortunately methods of accomplishing this level of consciousness is not (as yet) common within our cultures... Thus to facilitate "being commonplace in our communities", participants vigilantly seek to connect with people and projects that make this "getting well-known" process easy and fun... Top on this list are LifeLabs and Networks developed by Rebecca Fine; which in October 2010 she passed direction on to Ian Crossley — fondly known as CROZ. Stay tuned to discover how this project unfolds...

The above linked document contains URL pathway to: Download FREE The Science of Getting Rich pdf book and access much more wisdom.

It IS WISE to have hard copy of the book ready for reference. --- Our primary Objective is to LEARN and Appropriately APPLY Universal Laws in The Certain Way APPLICATION using REAL CAPITAL Accumulation and Leveraging a SMALL amount of resources into HUGE amounts... Since Universal Energy FLOWS forth all forms of abundance just waiting to be tapped, there's nothing spiritual about any form of poverty... Denying the self of ANY form of wealth is a choice usually made due to inherited cultural memes... The Authentic Self will only make wealth denials IF there is a CLEAR value-productive service to be gained for a Higher Cause... Self denial is NOT a natural attribute... Human Beings, like all in nature, are endowed with natural attributes for having life and abundance with grace, elegance and ease... So why isn't everybody enjoying prosperity and peace... Discover WHYs during this course, along with How To Easily Achieve Freedom From Harmful Cultural Memes and other Self-Sabotaging Habits.

Vision becomes amazing reality -- Practical Genius System! -- You decide what it's worth to you! -- Go to the website, then scroll to bottom left of website --If says: GET RESULTS with the exclusive Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM Online Course! .... The first and only online course where you set your own tuition! Join hundreds of students in this global, interactive, self-paced class that gives you step-by-step help in applying SOGR principles to your life. -- Click on "Get details & student comments" ... Then do as instructed to get access to the course.

You're also welcome to attend FREE Interactive Internet Conferencing about Success Science and Universal Laws, which formulate "Ideal Dynamics" a/k/a "Paradise On Earth Dynamics".... text of many selected resources are posted in the Internet Conference Web Browser during presentations and dialogs, so it's easy to verbally interact with the written text posted...

Online interactively via Internet Conferences work with "The Master Key System" and "The Master Key WorkBook" from Kallisti Publishing...

Stop Running From Your Troubles and Start Chasing Your Dreams... All success is based upon a few basic principles that most people already know. The reason many fail is because they never got the chance to really put them into practice.... Why? ...
Because they never discovered what chance to take... Facilitating putting knowledge into practice is what the Internet Academy does very effectively and efficiently.

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