Ideal Plug and Play Portfolio 101

Ideal System for creating Ideal LifeStyles!

Leap into a healthy environment and enjoy streams of unlimited Financial Wealth
with this Comprehensive Design and Integrated Application System...
Provides Health Care and Financial Education lacking in schools or anywhere else!

Doing what "love to do" avoids "work"
and guides to the Path Of Least Resistence way for success.

IN the Ideal Network, MUTUAL Admiration and Cooperation SHINES forth inspiring the best of the best within each of us to emerge...

Using the Ideal Plug and Play Portfolios generates Healthy Organization and PROFITS from our efforts, instead of using traditional business models and stagnating specialization where most people go broke before achieving knowledge and skills required for earning profits. (Profit means: Earn more than costs to produce and market. Appropriate Leveraging generates HIGH Returns On Investments.)...

The high rate of business failures is why 'franchises' became popular. - Buy a 'cookie cutter' business then operate it according to Already Proven Successful Operating Instructions... The Ideal Network has created a franchise-like system so as to EASILY PLUG in the required components to achieve desired results...

PLUG IN Action Category 1.

Participate with Ideal Network and Ideal Internet Academy -- includes options to have system and tools for having Physical and Virtual StoreFronts (domains, hosting, auto responder, video producing, Internet Conferencing, tutorials, leads, etc) to provide goods and services in HIGH demand by eager customers... CLICK HERE to access Membership OverView with participation options - - Sign Up to begin the Ideal Ascension Career - Ascend from undesirable conditions to ideal conditions!

PLUG IN Action Category 2.

Fully Integrated Building Fortunes System founded on Fully Integrated Thinking and Actions that empower having ALL FORMS Of Wealth - Family - Fortunes - Freedom - Fun - Fame (if so desired)... All the nuts and bolts for building a successful business in ONE PLACE, with FAST methods to PLUG into HOW and WHERE PROFITS are generated. - EVERY entrepreneurial endeavor MUST HAVE a fully supplied Virtual Office with Traffic Generating Leads, Email Marketing System, Tools, and Training, that can grow into having a Physical Office Establishment and Management if so desired.... Linking CyberSpace with Physical Space... In this Building Fortunes is where get affordable LEADS and build A PERSONAL List of your own clients and customers (NOT just build other people's lists and profits)... You might be participating in many streams of income, but in reality each of us is only in ONE business... MY OWN Value Creating Business... Comprehending THIS reveals and removes the major obstacle that BLOCKS success for most people, that obstacle is wasting time, energy and money building OTHER people's success... Doing these first 2 Action Categories shifts from building OTHER people's business to Building PERSONAL Enterprises that create Values FOR Values Exchanges (trading goods and services)... Get the knowledge from participating in the Building Fortunes Affiliate Program, which compliments ANY business by providing EASY customizable websites, blog, LEADS along with the email sending system and all the other online marketing tools required to build successful businesses. Building Fortunes "Adds To" any endeavor, NOT "Distract From". - Building Fortunes Affiliates receive:

BuildingFortunes Affiliate Program

CLICK this underlined sentence to see
Example of a Phase 3 site at\ -- Website opens in a new browser or tab.

Below is an example of using "Youmongus Movie Maker" within seconds the FIRST TIME it was encountered (included free in Phase 3 package)...
Use this tool to create and post scrolling slides on your websites.

PLUG IN Action Category 3.

Explore Freedom by clearly knowing HOW To Think and use Smart Media Desktop... FREE information at the School Of Thinking presented by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson - DAILY check posts at SchoolOfThinking.Org and Begin NewSell and Thinking Instructor Courses (TISOT) via email and share in Interactive Live Dialogs. (NOTE: SOT email series can begin ANY Time.)... This category is included in courses offered by the Ideal Academy, beginning with: "WOMBAT Skills" and "Comprehend Business Models Options" where Accurate Information about How The Wealthy GET and STAY Wealthy is presented. -- Together we learn about HOW to Watch Videos and absorb the wisdom from an Ideal Library which includes resources from projects for a professional WOMBAT (Word Of Mouth Buy And Tell = EnthusIASM = I Am Sold Myself - We innately talk about what we respect and value, so network with like-minded and like-interested people to build a profit-generating niche). - - Learn about and how to use Smart Media Desktop... Access to many IN Experiential Learning Courses - both Free and commissionable fee-based - offered online and in local areas... DO To Learn.. Teach To Reach. - MANY free courses now available online using Smart Media Technology within the Smart Media Desktop, which includes "My University"... the core for any Personalized Learning Program!

PLUG IN Action Category 4.

Internet Niche Lab - compliment to Ideal Academy for access to tools and developing skills to be successful in personal niches. Interactive support teams for learning to use tools like WordPress, Joomla and WAMP for Efficient Content and Contact Management... One of the factors we learn about is "How To Test Your Niche Websites For Sales Conversion"... For instance which website do you like "best"?????

Internet Niche Lab Main Site
Niche Lab Personal Invitation

PLUG IN Action Category 5.

Create Personal Life-Design Plan (including MasterMind Team) for being an Ideal Conditions Master Artisan - How To Courses provided in # 1 above ^^^^^^^
NOTE: IF goal is to BE an Ideal Network Local Community Ideal Developer begin learning how to quickly connect to a TEAM of already skilled Master Gardeners and Artisans to create a personal Ideal NewSell Marketing/Sales Mechanism... IN addition to Build Fortunes and Explore Freedom (in 2 and 3 above) begin collecting Consulting/Mentoring/Networking TOOLS in ONE Place... One of first projects for being a highly-paid Ideal Entrepreneur is creating and using FaceBook Fan Pages along with Ideal Thinking and NewSell Dynamics... To help quickly gain these these Comprehensive Design Skills connect with the following: