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Manifest A Glorious I-beingness Consciously

The first innate desire of all organisms is to survive. The second innate desire is to manifest the organism's maximum life-expression potentials. The form of educare encountered during infancy determines IF and HOW these desires are actualized...

For a conscious human organism, the concept of "macrobiotic" is whole-life balance of the 6-sided cube in which the human organism has its I-beingness... Attitude, Courage, Paradigm Shifts, Core Values, Relationships, and Choices are the TOOLS by which a conscious being forms their I-beingness and maintains conscious control of the self. (Even if a person defaults to control by others, such is an individual's choice. This fact is the main obstacle to healing ourselves and our social intercourses.) ...

Throughout the eons, spirtualized beings have attempted to provide a "formula" for manifesting the PERFECT I-beingness... Religions are formed from the life and teachings of great macrobiotic thinkers such as Christ, Buddha, Ohsawa... The flaw has been that there is NO method to clearly impart their discoveries of I-ness and whole-life wisdom... While whole-life wisdom from external sources can be part of the shared vision, I-ness is only achieved by connecting with the individual's I-ness; which is always a DO-IT-MYSELF project...

It must be recognized that it's possible to depress this I-ness from happening... Which is the intent of mystics, who understand that... The earlier separation from the self begins, and emotional attachment is placed with an external locus of control, the easier to prevent value-productive I-ness from developing... The desire to PLEASE can be used to entice a person to accept the life-design plan formulated by somebody else... Also fear, guilt, or pain inflicted by trying to avoid having to use somebody else's plan, can be too great to escape; thus a person accepts and settles for whatever is offered or becomes part of the status quo... Peer pressure, cultism, and depression are strong enslavers.

While I-ness is a personal achievement, surrounding the self with other dream-manifesters and participting in teamwork such networking inspires... Teams empower and value I-ness... The American Dream is all about the value-productive power of I-ness and teamwork created by great libertarian thinkers and doers!! .... Thus you're invited to stay connected and keep interacting with this website for the rest of the story.... WHAT IS personally DISCOVERED and INTEGRATED is valued far more than what is gifted... So while there are many many valuable gifts within this website... The greatest gems and treasures will be found by using these gifts to ascend into greater personal macrobiotic discoveries and integrations.

The more skills of Success Engineering are acquired and honed into Neo-Think, the more treasures will manifest...

How many forms of wealth and how much of each wealth category is manifested will reflect how much Educare & Paradigms of Excellence were encountered and integrated into the I-ness.

Life-inducing Passion manifests from I-ness that comprehends reality exists independent of consciousness, AND that reality exists within the comprehension of consciousness... Such conscious comprehension of reality opens the path to potentials for reality "control"... MY survival manifests from accurately understanding and integrating with reality, so as to shape and re-shape the substance of reality to enhance life.

Death-inducing Passion manifests from embracing ANY paradigm not in accord with the process of consciously manifesting increasing understanding, reasoning, and order within the self and the relationship with whole-life reality.

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