Professional's Use of Noni

8-11-98 Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Stejskal, Clinic in Hutchison, Kansas -- Homeopathic, Holistic

Hello Everyone... Something great to share with you! Hope you are as excited about what we've found in Noni as we are! While in Colorado I heard from another Noni distributor that this doctor, Dr. Kenneth Stejskal, has a clinic and he is giving patients Noni and Hoa 1 and 2. Their bodies, because of being cleansed of toxins and fed the right nutrients, are working at full capacity and have eliminated cancer, Alzheimers, diabetes, and all types of physical ailments from them! Patients have returned to him with the news that they've rid their bodies of breast tumors in 10 days, brain tumors that were inoperable in 30 days using a bottle of Noni everyday - cat scans showed no sign of a tumor.

When a patient comes to him he attacks the root cause of the ailment with detoxifiers (found in Noni). He says the ailment doesn't start on its own - it's either chemical imbalance or heavy metal. Once detoxified and the immune system is restored, the body will take care of the problem.

Dr. Stejskal worked with Gilbert Nordan this last year using Noni and Noni Hoa and two weeks ago Gilbert got a clean bill of health from the hospital - No HIV!!! Dr. Stejskal says his cancer patients use a bottle a day for 4 days, then bottle for 4 days, then 8 oz. a day plus Noni Hoa until they get a clean bill of health. Average has been in 21 days for his patients.

He says chemotherapy is very bad for our bodies. He has been in cancer research since 1975 and has associated with over 2,000 doctors worldwide.

Since 1972 he has treated 19,000 plus different types of illness.

Since 1987 when he began treating terminally ill cancer patients (people sent home to die) he's treated around 8,000 terminally ill and only lost 64 patients!

He was written up in a medical journal as one of the top 5 diagnostic doctors in the world. He says it's not that he is (so great) he just uses the "horse sense" he grew up with on the farm. He was very helpful and very concerned throughout our conversation, which I might add was on his phone bill and more than hour long. How many doctors spend that much time with a stranger when they have nothing to gain????

Getting back to Dr. Stejskal saying chemotherapy is bad for our bodies, he says the two doctors that invented chemotherapy were using a micro amount, just enough to make the body respond to it so the body would kick up the immune system to fight the chemo and that would trigger a response big enough to overcome the problem. The AMA came in and told them they have to use massive doses to make sure the cancer wouldn't return. The doctors told the AMA that is dangerous but they wouldn't listen and even threatened to take their licenses unless they used massive doses so, the inventors of chemotherapy don't use it because they don't want to be blood guilty.

Now, tens of thousands are dying, not from the cancer, but from pneumonia caused by their immune system weakened by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy causes different things to happen to the body according to how much the doctor is administering and how the body reacts to the toxins. People lose their hair and become very sick because their bodies are working extremely hard to clean out the chemicals. That's why it's necessary to get people on Noni and Noni Hoa, to help them overcome the effects of chemotherapy.

Dr. Stejskal talked about getting diabetics off insulin in 3 weeks. They take 1 ounce daily for one week, 2 ounces daily for one week, 3 ounces daily for one week (but necessary to adjust according to sugar level; it must be monitored while on Noni).

Alcoholics and smokers quit with Noni and Noni Hoa. He says their bodies are lacking some important chemicals or element so they crave drugs and using the complete system compensates for the missing components.

He also said to be careful with depressed people on pain killers, adding Noni could cause them mental problems, (presumably because it enhances other medications)! Also, people on a lot of drugs, prescriptions and others, will release a lot of toxic chemicals from the liver that have built up and these can dump out and sedate the colon, causing constipation. He says just use an herbal laxative and drink lots of water.

He ended the call with if we need help and he's not too busy he will help all he can. He's so busy he's not taking new patients so I feel privileged to have had this informative conversation with such a special doctor! I hope you enjoyed this letter. I can't wait to do great things with you as a team!

Geno and Barb Blagg

NOTE: Dr. Sam Kolodney, is a member of Morinda's Health Advisory board

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