DANGERS of standard ERT ...
Estrogen Replacement Therapy

It's shocking to learn that FEW women at told about the dangers involved with taking estrogen hormones, or HOW TO ACHIEVE PROTECTION against the dangers.

The Information Below Was Taken Word For Word From A PremarinTM Ad In The June 1998 Issue Of Reader's DigestTM

Cancer of the uterus.  The risk of cancer of the uterus increases the longer estrogens are used and when larger doses are taken.  One study showed that when estrogens are discontinued, this increased risk of cancer seems to fall off quickly.  In another study, the persistence of risk was demonstrated for 10 years after stopping estrogen treatment.  Because of this risk, it is important to take the lowest effective dose of estrogen and to take it only as long as you need it.  There is a higher risk of cancer of the uterus if you are overweight, diabetic, or have high blood pressure. If you have had your uterus removed (total hysterectomy), there is no danger of developing cancer of the uterus.  If you have your uterus, please refer to the section titled "OTHER INFORMATION."

Cancer of the breast.  The majority of studies have shown no association with the usual doses for estrogen replacement therapy and breast cancer.  Some studies have suggested a possible increased incidence of breast cancer in those women taking estrogens for prolonged periods of time and especially if higher doses are used.

Gallbladder disease.  Women who use estrogens after menopause are more likely to develop gallbladder disease needing surgery than women who do not use estrogens.

Abnormal blood clotting.  Taking estrogens may increase the risk of blood clots.  These clots can cause a stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolus, any of which may be fatal.

Heart disease.  Large doses of estrogen in men have shown to increase the risk of certain heart diseases.  This may not necessarily be true in women.  In order to avoid the theoretical risk of high doses, the dose of estrogen you take should not exceed the dose recommended by your doctor.

Excess calcium in the blood.  Taking estrogens may lead to severe hypercalcemia in women with breast and/or bone cancer.


In addition to the risks listed above, the following side effects have been reported with estrogen use:


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