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Part 1. The Close AND the Oldsell Strategy

NOTE: On Acronyms and Repetition

To help transfer the ideas from this book into your brain – so you can put them into use – you will notice I use acronyms to encapsulate ideas and repetition to create cognitive patterns. Some people dislike acronyms because they can seem jargonistic. Others may be averse to repetition because it can seem tedious. This is understandable, especially in a novel. But in this book we are concerned with skill development, that’s why the military, NASA, the Juillard School, the Russian Ballet, top surgeons, Circus Oz, the Australian Institute of Sports – in fact, all the sports and performing arts – readily use these two powerful training tools. If you only wish to know about newsell these two training tools are not necessary. If you wish to be able to do newsell as a skill, they are indispensable.

Below is a list of the principal acronyms used in this book:

CVSTOBVS (CVS to BVS) – the thinking switch

CVS = Current View of the Situation
BVS = Better View of the Situation

UNCHECKTOCHECK (UNCHECK to CHECK) – the selling switch

UNCHECK = when not in contact with a customer
CHECK = when in contact with a customer

TCB – alternative to ‘the close’

TCB = Taking Care of Business

COI – an individual who influences ten other people

COI = Centre of Influence

WOMBAT – a satisfied customer who replicates another satisfied customer

WOMBAT = Word Of Mouth Buy And Tell

TT Management System

T = TODAY = total number of times you did move from Uncheck to Check in past 24 hours

T = TOMORROW = total number of times you will move from Uncheck to Check in next 24 hours

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