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Part 3, continued - PROFIT and THE WOMBAT STRATEGY

Chapter 26. The Next 100 Days
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The Newsell Coaching Program

'The essence of strategy is to train day and night.'
- Miyamato Musashi, Book of Five Rings

(1) If you've completed the experiment in the previous chapter, then you are already on your way. You can continue on for the first 100 days which is not much more than a business quarter. In my experience, any business growth idea that is worth doing at all is usually worth doing for at least one business quarter.

(2) Record your daily TTs for the next 100 days. You don't have to concern yourself with 'closing the sale'. Just manage your UNCHECKTOCHECK switches and measure them daily and TCB (take care of business) with of those who are interested. Do this and you will have your own newsell system up and running.

(3) If you are a salesperson, you can operate this system on your own initiative. Alternatively, why not do it with your team? Get your manager to assist you with his or her experience, recognition and support. If you are an MLMer you can use this system and teach it to your downline. If you are a small business person, you and your partner or your associates can do this together.

(4) People in non-profit situations such as charities can also use this system effectively. Be creative and make it fun but be disciplined about doing your TTs daily.

(5) By the way, anyone can do this. You don't have to be a 'salesperson'. In my clients' businesses we have people in the storeroom, people in manufacturing, people in R&D, people in accounts all using newsell. In fact, anyone, anywhere, anytime can use newsell.

(6) There's really nothing to stop you carrying out this experiment and I've also supplied a collection of 250 UNCHECKTOCHECK switches for you to play with. Just choose the ones you like. Many of them you can use to TCB - take care of business.

(7) Operating instructions for your newsell system:

1. Start now!

2. Record the number of UNCHECKTOCHECK switches you did today.

3. Guess and record the number of UNCHECKTOCHECK switches you might do tomorrow.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next 100 days.

Newsell Coaching

(9) If you don't want to do this by yourself but you want assistance, coaching and daily encouragement for the next 100 days then you can go to www.newsellcoaching.com and enroll yourself and if you are a sales manager or business owner, you can also enroll your sales team.

Go and Talk to the WOMBATS

(10) As a bonus, 250 UNCHECKTOCHECK switches will be offered.... They are things you can say to the WOMBATs. They are phone calls you can make to WOMBATs and messages you can send out to them. These are randomly selected from my collection of over 800. Any one of these can be used for doing Mos (Message Outs).

1. Market research shows that the third most powerful way to talk to a WOMBAT is by a personal email. If you are using a points system, this is one point.

2. The second most powerful way to talk to a WOMBAT is by personal phone call. This is two points.

3. The most powerful way to talk to a WOMBAT is face to face because the research shows that this is the medium that WOMBATs prefer. Take three points.

(11) Some of these 250 work better by phone or voicemail, others by postmail or email and most work well in scheduled or unscheduled meetings. Adapt them to suit your offer you are currently working with.

(12) Most of the time I prefer questions. Questions get you started and are the ideal UNCHECKTOCHECK switch. WOMBATs like to be asked questions. You can ask a question then you listen carefully to what the WOMBAT has to say and then you can ask the next question. While you cannot control the answers, you can always control the questions and that's enough to make the question a classic UNCHECKTOCHECK switch.

(13) Most of them are examples of questions that you can use to get the attention of your potential customer, to make an offer, to follow up, to stay in contact, to provide service, to review their CVS, to help evolve your offer from B class to A class and most of all, to escape from UNCHECK.

(14) Some of these questions you can use just as they are.... Others will require some remodelling to suit your unique situation. Some I like and some I don't like. Some you will like, others you won't like. Start with the ones you like then gradually widen your repertoire by experimenting with new ones.

(15) George Gallup once told me that business was the ultimate laboratory. Every day there are new customers and new situations with which to experiment. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Remember, the newsell strategy seeks to generate a mixture of YES and NO answers, and then gradually growing that mix ten times. Lastly, if you are a manager, try and make it fun and don't DYSH your salespeople!


Do you ever lose sleep worrying about . . . ?

How many times have you unexpectedly run out of . . . ? (Sent letter with catalog)

If you sent in (the application) would you sleep better tonight?

What if you no longer had to put up with (back pain)?

Do you waste valuable time (keeping schedules up to date)?

Did you know that you can harm (your dog by bathing him)?

Did you lose money (trying to collect bad debts)?

You can knock ten strokes off your golf game by (subscribing to NewGolf)!

When you (subscribe) you get (a dozen free golf balls!)

Did you ever think you would find out how to . . .

Since you are looking for ways to save money, shall I show you how to cut your (meeting) costs by at least 25 per cent?

Since cutting costs is important to you, would you like to see how to slash your next (training) budget by 20 per cent, while at the same time increasing sales by 50 per cent?

If you really want to reduce costs are you willing to . . . ?

It looks like costs are your major consideration so let's look at this (model).

On the phone you said you had no money for this, what if it didn't cost you a penny?

Is being able to save $10,000 during the next fiscal year of interest to you?

If you could find a way of making an extra $1000 by Friday, guaranteed, would you act on it?

If you knew you would find a way of really impressing your boss would you watch this video?

Have you ever seen a (meeting) idea that just totally blew your socks off? Well, get ready . . . !

Would you like to see something that is so exciting it will keep you awake tonight?

What would it take to really amaze you? Well, get ready . . . ?

Are you sitting down? Well get ready for some very exciting news! Are you ready?

Let me ask you this? Do you have a lot of willpower?

Well, you'd better have! When you see this video you will get an irresistible urge to . . . !

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Who else, other than yourself, should see this demonstration?

Are those your children? What are their ages?

These are handsome plants . . . how do you keep them in such great shape?

Your people here seem so happy. What's your secret to keeping them so motivated?

It amazes me that you keep your desk so clean! What's your secret?

What is it that you most like about your job here?

Your company has an interesting name. Can you tell me the history of that name?

Could you tell me how you manage to keep calm under these trying circumstances?

Is that your golfing trophy? What did you shoot to win?

I don't know if you realise how much is at stake for your company but . . . ?

How many times during the day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

What do we have to do now to make you completely happy?

What would happen to the productivity of your sales team if you didn't have this (meeting)? Why?

Since you are looking for increased sales, watch this!

Since you are looking for ways to increase sales, shall I show you how to boost your (sales calls) by at least 25 per cent?

If you really want more sales are you willing to . . . ?

Since it looks like sales are your major consideration so let's look at this (copy).

Do your customers deserve this?

Would you like to see how to double those results?

If you were one of your customers, and you could have (A) or (B), which would you go for?.... Why?

Since your customers are so important to you, would you like to see how you can exceed their expectations on this?

Since you mentioned the importance of 'Quality', tell me what you think of this?

Do you think your customers would appreciate this quality?

'I'd like to place a person-to-person call to . . . !'

In a recent survey, our customers claimed that we increased their (collection of delinquent accounts) by 30 per cent. Perhaps we can do the same for you.

Would you like to escape to tropical Antigua for six relaxing days and five exciting nights as our special guest?

P.S. When you call ask for your two free tropical T-shirts you can wear on the beach!

Do you have spare time to earn a part-time income?

Would you like to learn a new income skill from experts . . . ?

There are six easy steps for turning your PC into a money-making part-time business.... Would you like to know what they are?

Would you like further information on this - it's free?

Did you get your free . . . ?

I'm calling to check that you received the information you asked for?

Is there anything we forgot to send you?

I received your letter today and I'm calling to say that the information you asked for is on its way.

How many times have you unexpectedly run out of (batteries)?

Thanks for your interest in the (Aqua Inflatable Raft).... Can you guess how long it takes to inflate? Two minutes!

Would a 30-day free trial be of interest to you?

Would a 'buy-today' discount be of interest to you?

You can save the whale from extinction!

Are you aware of what's happening to . . . ?

If tonight's news showed your home burning down, would you be able to replace the valuable personal and financial documents that you'd lose?

To find out more today call our toll free 008 number . . .

Ask for a free (photo inventory of your household possessions) when we meet.

Would you like us to do a free survey of your (filing system)?

Your neighbour said you might want to know about our Green Green Lawn Service, is now a good time?

Your neighbour's now paying less for his lawn service . . .

Your competitor has lowered his purchasing price . . .

You can pay much less that that for even better service!

Would you like a free estimate?

Your catalog gave me an exciting idea for increasing sales . . .


The new tax law can cut your salary by 30 percent this year.

Do you know how to protect yourself from this?

You must be quick off the mark if you want this (benefit).

Would you like to run a pilot to see how it works?

Have you tasted this?

I think this may interest you also!

Did (Name) give you one of these to try?

Do you believe in the saying 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'? ..... I do and that's why I'm writing to you again about . . .

I was very impressed with the way your people answer the telephone . . .

Three weeks ago you bought our . . .

How long will your current supplies last?

What will you do then?

Thank you.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Happy Chanukah!


I'm sorry to hear . . .

Bon voyage!

Good Luck.

I read about your new acquisition, congratulations.

Happy Anniversary.

Four weeks ago you may have made a mistake. Luckily there's still time to fix it!

What do you want to tell them?

Why do you think she wants it?

Who else do you think will use it?

How do you think she will use it?

How long has she been looking for . . . ?

What does she want to accomplish?

Who told you about . . . ?

What was it about our (product) that you really liked?

What else did you like?

And then what happened?

And what did (they) say then?

How did that make you feel?

And what did you decide to do next time?

Why is that so important to you?

Boy, you really did have a blast, didn't you?

By the way, who do you know who would enjoy this?

And what did Mr (Your Boss) say about that? etc.

Just suppose we could (do A), would you then (do B)?

Mr (name), why are you putting all this pressure on me?

Is this the best you can do right now?

What is the alternative to this?

What other choice do you have?

What else do you feel is possible here?

You really cannot see any other possibilities?

In other words, you feel . . . !

What is your (wife's) point-of-view?

Have you considered your customer's reaction to this?

What do you feel will be your partner's point-of-view?

Is this a big problem right now?

Do you see a way to overcome it?

What question can you ask me now?

Which means . . . ?

And . . . ?

When you say 'unhappy', Anne, what does that mean?

If she won't agree, what then?

What important factor have we not considered?

What else?

Is this a plus or a minus for you?

What do you find most interesting about this?... How could we turn this into a plus?

Are you sure this is a minus?

What are you hoping to achieve?

What is you main objective here?

Is that your aim?

This will have immediate consequences, what are they likely to be?

What will be the long-term consequences of this?

If you go ahead this year, what will be the consequences for (next year)?

What will be the negative consequences of this?

What will be the positive result of this move?

Is this your main priority right now?

What is your main priority?

What is Mr (Your Boss's) top priority?

What is your lowest priority now?

Can you see any other disadvantages to this?

What is the main advantage to you on this?

Could this move lead to an even better position?

Is this judgement based on the value of the idea or on his emotions at the present?

Have you explored both sides of this proposal?

Have you reached your decision yet?

Has she made a choice yet?

Whose advice can you get on this?

What have we left out?

How will this affect your union representative?

Does your (husband) share your goal?

What help can he give you?

How can we break this down into smaller, easier, objectives?

Which objective is the most important, (A or Z)?

Why have you chosen this as your priority now?

Can we come back to this later?

Did you ask your people for their ideas?

Why not?

What other method have you considered?

If you weren't satisfied, what would you do?

What word best describes this kind of situation?

What would your (customer) select from these?

What's another way of looking at this situation?

What is the very first thing to do now?

What is the first step to take now?

How shall we start this?

When can we get started?

What do we need to get started?

How shall we tackle this?

What is the best way to organise this situation?

Let's focus on (part B) now?

What are we focusing on now?

Shall we switch our focus on to . . . ?

What is the next point we should focus on?

What has been achieved so far?

Can you sum up what we've got so far?

Let's consolidate! Where are we with this situation?

What have we done and what is still left?

What can we conclude from all this information?

What is your feeling now?

Is there any conclusion we can make yet?

What are we blind to here?

Is this a fact or an opinion?

Is this good enough to use as evidence?

What are the areas of agreement?

What are the areas of disagreement?

What label can we give to this?

Could this be an exaggeration?

Could we be wrong?

If this were wrong, how could we tell?

What would it mean if we were wrong?

How can we tell?

Can we brainstorm this for a minute?

Why not?

What are we taking for granted here?

How can we challenge this?

What is dominating this situation?

How can we escape from this?

What is the main fault with this idea?

How can we remove it?

Can we combine (P) with (Q)?

Does this fit with the requirements?

Does this meet with the specifications?

If you made a guess, what would it be?

What do you suppose it might be?

What is the primary target here?

What result do you want from this?

What input do we need now?

What is the traditional solution for this?

What other solutions are there?

What action needs to be taken now?

What is the action step?

Before we begin could you outline how your situation has changed since our last meeting?

Can we start by reviewing what we need to get accomplished before we leave today?

I have made an agenda, may I show it to you?

Obviously you are pressed for time. What would you like to get out of this meeting?

Which of these three main points is critical for you?

My real reason for coming here today is to find out how to get you back as a satisfied customer.... Is that a fair enough goal?

We really appreciate you coming to (Our Company).

What made you decide to give us the opportunity to bid?

Ideally, what would you hope to accomplish from coming here?

Looks like you got here just in time, doesn't it?

How much in a hurry are you?

I was wondering about your timetable? What are the steps you went through last time you (did this)?

What are your expectations in terms of (time)?

What other (Companies) have you considered?

Do we have any competition at this time?

Is any one else bidding for this?

What do we have to do now to make you completely happy?

What do you want (your people) to say about this (meeting)?

Thank you for letting me know that you placed your order for (packaging) with another company.

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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