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CHAPTER 25. The Next 10 Days
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Time to cut bait or start Fishing

Most new programs fail, not because they didn't finish but because they didn't even get started. Here we will focus on what you can do to get started with using newsell to grow your own business.

Yes, it's hard to get started. That's why, in newsell, we put the emphasis on the start rather than the close. Indeed, the whole premise of newsell is that 99 per cent of sales are lost, not at the close but at the start. Or, in newsell speak, 99 per cent of UNCHECKTOCHECK switches have yet to be flipped!

In this chapter we focus on the next ten days as a simple way to get you started.

Getting Started with TTs

TT: This is the daily management and most important part of your business. Every day you keep two measurements, your TTs for Today and Tomorrow. You first measure the number of UNCHECKTOCHECK switches you know you made Today (the last 24 hours) and this is a fact. Next, you measure the number of UNCHECKTOCHECK switches you think you will make Tomorrow (the coming 24 hours) and this is just a guess.

By the way, the two numbers don't have to match up. TTs are definitely not goal-setting although some managers misunderstand the use of TTs as such. TTs are simply using feedback to monitor your progress. TTs are a way of developing the mental skill of being able to measure and project every day. The main purpose of TT training is to develop, in your own brain, the twin business skills of measuring and projecting.

TTs may seem a bit awkward at first but if you are patient and persevere with these TTs for just one week you will get used to them and then TTs will be a skill you will have for the rest of your career. Few people can do this on a daily basis. If you can do them, TTs WILL help you build your monthly commissions.

NOTE: It's easy to assume that TTs are the familiar motivational tool of goal-setting so I'll repeat the warning here: TTs are NOT goalsetting.

The 'push/pull' motivational concepts are old (though longevity does not necessarily mean they are ineffective) but to say that is what we are promoting in TT training is to miss the point. TTs are not being used as push/pull 'motivational' goal-setting. They are not motivational but cybernetic. They are to help people develop the two cognitive skills of 'noticing feedback' and 'projecting forward'.

This intention is evidenced by the fact that there is not (or should not be) any management discussion of the actual numbers in the TTs. No typical comments like, 'You said you'd do 3/4 and you only did 2/1.' No remarks like, 'John did 8/8 and is the best one in the team' and so forth. O/O is quite okay in this system.

These differences between the application of the push/pull motivational model and the start/do/notice/think cybernetic model also produce, as one would expect, quite different consequences in behaviour and results.

In practical terms, it will take some time and practice for you and your team to learn these skills, to see the results and to gain confidence in them. An expectation of 100 days to achieve a cultural change is realistic. In my consulting practice I discuss this with management and I stick with the team by providing daily training for that period. Whether or not an individual or team is willing to continue is up to them. Our previous patterns of expectation often defeat our ability to change our habits of thinking.

There's another interesting feature of TTs compared to goal-setting and more traditional forms of management. As I mentioned above, zeros are okay! Yep, it's true. Nothing is no problem. Whenever you put O under Tomorrow or O under Today, it's good. Why? Because the success of this system is due to the process of keeping daily measurements not on the actual measurements themselves. So, you succeed when you record a zero in TTs you only fail when you make no record at all.

Instructions for starting:

1. Use the next page or make a copy of it.

2. Under DATE record today's date.

3. Under TODAY record accurately the number of times you switched from UNCHECKTOCHECK in the last 24 hours.

4. Under TOMORROW record your guess of the number of times you will flip the UNCHECKTOCHECK switch tomorrow (next 24 hours). Remember, this is not a goal, just a guess.

5. Repeat steps 2-5 for the next ten days.



TODAY -------------------------------------------------- TOMORROW

1. _________________________________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________________________________________________

7. _________________________________________________________________________________________

8. _________________________________________________________________________________________

9. _________________________________________________________________________________________

10. ________________________________________________________________________________________



TODAY --------------------------------- TOMORROW

1. ___________________________________________________________


3. _______________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________________________

8. _________________________________________________________


10. _______________________________________________________

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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