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Chapter 15. TenPower
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Simply add a zero

1. In coping with an environment of rapid change and the pressure of limitless opportunities, it’s vital to have a strategic tool. In Software for Your Brain I examined putting the concept of Tenpower to work for you. Tenpower is a strategic measurement concept of the Right Brain which, when used skillfully, is hyper-productive in its results.

2. Tenpower is the habit of Powers of Ten. One way to use tenpower is to habitually multiply by ten (X10) or add a zero to whatever it is you are doing. So you can tenpower any CHECK move you are planning to make.

Newsell and Tenpower:

3. For example, if you are:

  • planning to C with a press release . . . send out 10 press releases – tenpower

  • sending out ten demo tapes . . . send out a 100 demo tapes – tenpower

  • looking for a gift for someone . . . look for 10 gifts for someone – tenpower

  • putting ten people on your email list? . . . put 100 on your list – tenpower.

4. No-one can stop you from doing this but yourself. You may not have the resources to use tenpower all the time but you can use it more often than now . . . ten times more often.

5. Do you get the idea? ... It takes a little getting used to (so do the results!) but if you practise using tenpower, say, TEN TIMES, it will become a habit. No doubt you can imagine the unfair strategic advantage that moving through information by powers of ten gives the user over someone who is just incrementing along at the rate of 10 per cent at a time, the standard, traditional business rate. So, accelerate into your future with tenpower and watch what happens. With tenpower you now have everything you need to become a soaring success with UNCHECKTOCHECK.

6. List ten ways you can use tenpower
in your business or life over the next ten days:

I can use tenpower to increase _________________________________

I can use tenpower to increase _________________________________

I can use tenpower to start ________________________________________

I can use tenpower to start ________________________________________

I can use tenpower to do ___________________________________________

I can use tenpower to do ___________________________________________

I can use tenpower to practise __________________________________

I can use tenpower to practise __________________________________

I can use tenpower to attempt ___________________________________________

I can use tenpower to give _________________________________________

7. Now you can add tenpower to your C moves since this is part of the strategy of newsell.

8. UNCHECKTOCHECK X10 . . . do it well, TEN TIMES better.

9. UNCHECKTOCHECK X10 . . . do it often, TEN TIMES more often.

10. Here are ten UNCHECKTOCHECK switches sent in by trainees. There’s nothing sacred about these ten, they are just ten UNCHECKTOCHECK moves chosen at random. We could just as easily choose a different ten. Some work better by voicemail, others as postmail or email, and others as ‘meetmail’ but most of them can be used in all three types of UNCHECKTOCHECK situations.


11. By the way, questions are the ideal UNCHECKTOCHECK moves. When you are interacting with a prospect or customer or another person, UNCHECKTOCHECK is very effective with questions. You ask a question then you listen to the answer, and then you can ask the next question. While you cannot control the answers you can always control the questions, and that’s enough to make ‘the question’ a classic UNCHECKTOCHECK move.

12. What follows is a random selection of ten UNCHECKTOCHECK moves:

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I couriered . . . the artwork

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I phoned . . . a desirable candidate for a position with us and I invited him/her to apply for the position

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I gave . . . samples of our new product to our customers to use in their business as a test

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I invited . . . prospects to an all-expenses one-day plant tour of our company

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I started . . . a new 90-day intensive training program (using outside consultants) for associate realtors before an associate can be placed in a branch office

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I gave . . . as an offer, a free portfolio appraisal to demonstrate how I can improve clients’ current income with a repositioning of their assets in their portfolio

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I SMSed . . . a client how he could improve his/her company’s cash flow by 20 per cent, thereby improving his bottom line

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I mailed . . . 85 invitations to my in-laws’ 50th anniversary and enclosed a stamped return envelope for the RSVP

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I phoned . . . the president of a company and suggested he consider negotiating a contract (for a building) instead of bidding the contract out for tender

UNCHECKTOCHECK – I showed . . . prospects a new and different way they can evaluate quality when assessing the type of products I sell (furs).

13. IMPORTANT NOTE: The emphasis here is on the process not the result. We are interested in designing UNCHECKTOCHECK moves, and building a repertoire of customer-contact moves and carrying them out. We are not hung-up on the result. We are not obsessed with ‘closing the sale’. Just carry out the move, notice what happens, and start again.

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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