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Chapter 11. UnCheck To Check
Pdf pages 113 - 120
This is the most strategic move in business

‘While the amateurs are discussing tactics,
the professionals are discussing logistics.’
Military strategist

1. What is strategy? ... Take a moment here to write in the space the one word that you feel most describes the essence of strategy: ________________.

2. If you ask this question of business leaders you get a wide variety of responses. I once had written responses from over 250 business leaders to this question and most chose words like ‘planning’ or ‘action’ (one CEO even said ‘love’). My own view is that the single most important factor that describes strategy is ‘control’.

3. If you cannot control it, then it is not strategic for you. Carl von Clausewitz, whose book, On War, is one of the leading textbooks for military academies around the world, writes, ‘Strategy fixes the point and the time where the battle is to be fought’. Control. The issue of strategy is the issue of control.

4. Because UNCHECKTOCHECK is the only situation 100 per cent controlled by you, UNCHECKTOCHECK is the most important strategic move in your business, your career or any other enterprise you wish to excel in. This control is the only feature that can guarantee you success; everything else is up for grabs.

5. Control

6. The three unique features of UNCHECKTOCHECK are:

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK is predictable

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK is controlled by you

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK means the next move is theirs.

7. Because UNCHECKTOCHECK is a strategic act or move, it is predictable. This predictability is a handle on the UNCHECKTOCHECK move that you can take hold of and use to your advantage. This predictability means you can devise a plan to use UNCHECKTOCHECK and then move to carry out your plan. You can manage UNCHECKTOCHECK.

8. Here are ten UNCHECKTOCHECK moves you can use:

You can send an email – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can snailmail an invitation – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can telephone with information – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can fax a press release – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can hold a conference, meeting or seminar – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can perform an act of service – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can put an ad on a web site – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can ask a question – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can visit with a gift – UNCHECKTOCHECK

You can have someone else do any of these on your behalf – UNCHECKTOCHECK.

9. The key points here are that all of these moves are predictable – you can plan to use them, and then no-one can stop you from enacting your plan. Once you act, the next move belongs to the customer. This is the essence of strategy.


11. Of course, no idea is of any value until it is used. The same applies to this idea about UNCHECKTOCHECK – it’s of no value unless you can use it. Why not take a strategic moment to list any ten specific acts or moves that you do in your business or career that are UNCHECKTOCHECK moves.

12. Before you start, here are some points to look for:

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK must be a specific move that you can predict or plan in advance like giving a gift, or asking question

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK is a move that you can control

  • UNCHECKTOCHECK is a move that puts the ball in the customer’s court.

13. NOTE:
It’s important to remember: UNCHECKTOCHECK is a process; not a result. We are not concerned with the result of the move here, whether or not the move ‘worked’. We will cover results later.

14. Media for UNCHECKTOCHECK moves are:

Voicemail – UNCHECKTOCHECK done over the telephone

Email – UNCHECKTOCHECK sent email through cyberspace

Postmail – UNCHECKTOCHECK sent through the post

‘Meetmail’ – UNCHECKTOCHECK where you meet the customer in person.

15. There are thousands of possible UNCHECKTOCHECK moves. I recently conducted a newsell seminar for a group of professional insurance agents and here are some of the UNCHECKTOCHECK moves they are using:


UNCHECKTOCHECK – say hello and see how they are

UNCHECKTOCHECK – clarify a matter of possible confusion

UNCHECKTOCHECK – discuss a potential new opportunity

UNCHECKTOCHECK – get more information regarding customer’s current needs

UNCHECKTOCHECK – review existing policies

UNCHECKTOCHECK – give the customer some information

UNCHECKTOCHECK – give the customer some recent information about you/your agency, eg new address

UNCHECKTOCHECK – perform an act of service

UNCHECKTOCHECK – thank the customer

UNCHECKTOCHECK – ask for a referral

UNCHECKTOCHECK – provide a teaser or tantaliser

UNCHECKTOCHECK – advise how plan is going, update

UNCHECKTOCHECK – make an offer

UNCHECKTOCHECK – extend an invitation

UNCHECKTOCHECK – tell the customer that you would like to visit him or her

UNCHECKTOCHECK – keep the relationship alive for future sales

UNCHECKTOCHECK – speak to a customer who cannot see you in person


UNCHECKTOCHECK – as a follow up on a live sales presentation

UNCHECKTOCHECK – send customer a proposal

UNCHECKTOCHECK – put URGENT sticker on envelope

UNCHECKTOCHECK – confirm accuracy of details of previous discussion

UNCHECKTOCHECK – mail an application

UNCHECKTOCHECK – send a gift

UNCHECKTOCHECK – ask for referral/s

UNCHECKTOCHECK – provide company literature

UNCHECKTOCHECK – tell him/her you plan to phone him/her for an appointment

UNCHECKTOCHECK – confirm details of an appointment

UNCHECKTOCHECK – make a recommendation

UNCHECKTOCHECK – present an idea

UNCHECKTOCHECK – introduce yourself/someone else

UNCHECKTOCHECK – offer congratulations/greetings

UNCHECKTOCHECK – send a bonus previously promised

UNCHECKTOCHECK – send a thank you card/letter


UNCHECKTOCHECK – make a presentation

UNCHECKTOCHECK – conduct a demonstration

UNCHECKTOCHECK – perform an act of service

UNCHECKTOCHECK – provide information

UNCHECKTOCHECK – make the customer feel at ease

UNCHECKTOCHECK – keep in touch

UNCHECKTOCHECK – introduce yourself

UNCHECKTOCHECK – get to know your customer better

UNCHECKTOCHECK – take to your customer to lunch

UNCHECKTOCHECK – listen to what your customer has to say

UNCHECKTOCHECK – ask for a referral

UNCHECKTOCHECK – pay your customer a compliment

UNCHECKTOCHECK – show your customer a new opportunity

UNCHECKTOCHECK – test the progress of your discussions and establish a completion date

19. If you want you can select some of these examples or others, and start to build your own list. Ten moves you can list on your UNCHECKTOCHECK list are:

I can ______________________________________________________________ _

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ______________________________________________________________ _

I can ______________________________________________________________

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ________________________________________________________________

I can ______________________________________________________________

20. There are, of course, hundreds of other UNCHECKTOCHECK moves for you to consider.

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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