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Chapter 10. Energy
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How to put more energy into business ‘To be or not to be? That is the question.’
William Shakespeare

1. As discussed in the previous chapter, the success of NEWsell comes from understanding the physics of business and how to exploit the two fundamental resources available to all businesspeople – TIME and ENERGY.

2. Energy is the second focus of the newsell physics.

3. A switch is a device for change. It is a mechanism for changing from one condition or state to another state. From OFF to ON, from FLIP to FLOP, from UP to DOWN, from LEFT to RIGHT, from IN to OUT, from CVS to BVS and so on. A switch is also a device for escape. With a switch one can escape from OFF, from FLIP, from UP, from LEFT, from IN and from a CVS.

4. Even the darkest room can be transformed into a blaze of living colours with the simple flick of a switch. We will show you how to use the newsell switch as a simple tool to allow you to escape from inertia and better control the other fundamental business resource, your energy.

5. The Newsell Switch

6. The newsell switch is designed in the form of a powerful piece of software for your brain to help you organise, in a strategic way, the simple but fundamental physics of all business transactions. The brain software is UNCHECKTOCHECK which is the way we write the switch – from UNCHECK to CHECK. In any business transaction there are three basic situations: CHECKMATE, CHECK and UNCHECK.


8. Above the Strategy Switch is CHECKMATE – the situation which signifies victory! In business, CHECKMATE is when the customer says YES.

9. CHECKMATE is known traditionally in selling as ‘the close’. CHECKMATE is a decision which takes place in the brain of another person so that decision, by definition, is outside your control. This is a fact of scientific reality, the acknowledgment of which is a fundamental principle of newsell. To restate the theory of newsell: the customer closes the sale.

10. CHECKMATE is when a customer signs the order form, or when a buyer accepts the deal. In show business, it’s when you get the part you auditioned for. For writers, it’s when you sign the contract with the publisher. In sports, CHECKMATE is the moment when you get selected for the team.

11. The main strategic feature of the CHECKMATE situation is: the salesperson cannot control it.


13. The situation just below CHECKMATE is when the switch is turned ON and is in the Right (as opposed to the Left) position. This is called CHECK.

  • CHECK is when it is possible for the customer to say NO or YES.

  • Without CHECK there can be no CHECKMATE.

  • CHECK is simply another word for ‘customer contact’.


  • CHECK is the penultimate state, the set-up move for CHECKMATE.

  • CHECK is the position of the newsell switch which makes it possible for CHECKMATE to happen.

14. In business, whether it be by voicemail, faxmail, email, snail mail or in person, CHECK is the moment of ‘customer contact’. CHECK is that state of the customer’s brain when it becomes possible for them to say YES or NO as a result of a contact from you. In other words, the customer’s brain has been stimulated by a contact from you (CHECK) and so they will respond by deciding whether to act or not to act – YES or NO.

15. CHECK is when you ask the customer a question. It’s when you mail the proposal, or when you send the email. It’s when you show the video and lay out the details. It’s when you fax out the press releases, and follow up with a telephone call. In show business, CHECK is performing the audition or sending out demo tapes of your songs. Sports people are in CHECK when they enter the competition.

16. CHECK is the activity you can use to manage the attention of the customer. In the customer’s brain, attention is where the action is. The special strategic feature of the CHECK situation is: only the salesperson can control CHECK.

17. C

18. CHECK is the quintessence of business. In newsell, CHECK is the new metric, the fundamental unit of measurement. CHECK is the currency of your business and has its own symbol which is C.


20. The Left position or OFF position of the newsell switch is UNCHECK. UNCHECK is whenever it is not possible for the customer to say NO or YES. UNCHECK is whenever you are not in contact with a customer or prospective customer (like now while you are reading this book). UNCHECK is the state of the customer’s brain when it’s not possible for them to say YES or NO. UNCHECK is the state of the customer’s brain when it is just not attending to your offer.

21. Therefore, in business, UNCHECK is any moment when the customer cannot say either YES or NO because he or she is not, at that moment, in CHECK from a salesperson.

22. UNCHECK is all other business situations. You are in UNCHECK when you are carrying out all the routine chores of business that are necessary to keep you in business. You are in UNCHECK when you are buying a computer or seeing your accountant or arranging finance. UNCHECK is painting the office, record-keeping, writing reports and attending sales meetings. Doing research, buying stock, driving around the territory, listening to motivational CDs, designing a BVS, hiring and training – all of these are UNCHECK.

23. For writers, UNCHECK is doing research and writing the book. In show business it’s learning lines, rehearsals and waiting tables. In sports, UNCHECK is training, traveling and coaching. Most of the time, we are in UNCHECK. UNCHECK is the groundwork, the preparation, the foundation of your business or career.

24. The paradox of UNCHECK is this: While you cannot build a business without UNCHECK, you cannot build a business with it!

25. UNCHECK Quicksand

26. The biggest oldsell trap is caused by sales managers undermining their salespeople by asking them ‘Did you close the sale?’ This question forces the salesperson to focus their field power on CHECKMATE – and this is the one area they cannot control. Eventually disappointment and rejection forces the individual back into the UNCHECK position.

27. Once a salesperson gets stuck in the quicksand of UNCHECK it inevitably leads to the demise of the salesperson. The business of business is to escape from UNCHECK and using the newsell switch – UNCHECKTOCHECK – is how we do it.

28. Switching from UNCHECKTOCHECK

29. The most strategic move in business is contacting a customer or escaping from UNCHECK to CHECK. In newsell, to help control this move, we use the brain software switch – pronounced ‘Uncheck to Check’ and written as UNCHECKTOCHECK.


  • the move from not being in contact with a customer to being in contact with a customer – UNCHECKTOCHECK

  • the move from UNCHECK (when a customer cannot say either YES or NO) to CHECK (when a customer can say YES or NO) – UNCHECKTOCHECK

  • attracting the attention of the customer’s brain from not attending to your offer TO attending to your offer – UNCHECKTOCHECK

  • switching from UNCHECK to CHECK more often than your competitor does is what succeeding in business is all about – UNCHECKTOCHECK

  • your salespeople switching from UNCHECK to CHECK ten times more often than your competitor does is what newsell management is all about – UNCHECKTOCHECK X10.


31. The only situation that can build your business is UNCHECKTOCHECK.

32. The only state that can accelerate your career is UNCHECKTOCHECK.

33. The only position that can create your fortune is UNCHECKTOCHECK.

34. The only move that can turn a customer into a client is UNCHECKTOCHECK.

35. According to the Newsell Theory of Selling:
To Check? or not to Check? .... That is the question.

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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