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Chapter 9. Time
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How to create more time in business

‘Time is money.’ – Francis Bacon

1. In contrast to the military, the arts and sport, precious little time is devoted to skill training in business. I think this accounts for much of the shortfall in business skills. Of the small amount of time that is made available, most of it is spent on knowledge transference rather than skill transference. There are meetings and PowerPoint presentations and pep talks and even the odd ‘bonding exercise’. Rarely, if ever, do business trainers focus on virtuosity.

2. When an hour is made available for training in the military, dojo, ballet studio or music conservatory, the focus will be on skill transference. This means 10 or 15 minutes might be devoted to content, to a ‘lecture’ or discussion, and 45 minutes will be devoted to practise, repetition and rehearsal. The mantra is simple: no drill no skill.

3. Selling, leadership and thinking are all skills. Without drills and rehearsals there is nothing left but warm feelings, motivational highs and passionate discourse. In my experience, this accounts for a lot of the failures in business. In developing the intellectual capital of a profitmaking enterprise, management must be continually finding ways to keep the attention of the enterprise focused on the two cardinal profit-making activities:

cutting costs and

raising revenues.

4. Management must provide simple, functional tools for their employees to manage these two activities in their own workspace. Knowledge-workers must be given training and a chance to practise these two fundamental business skills.

5. Newsell is a revenue-raising skill that everyone in business can develop as part of their intellectual capital. Newsell will help you acquire and refine the basic skills of doing business professionally and successfully without offending your customers.

6. Newsell Physics: TIME

7. The success of newsell comes from how it exploits the fundamental physics available to all business people – TIME and ENERGY.

8. Between the past and the future lies the only moment of time you can control . . . the present. The present is that unique moment in time when the future becomes the past. In order to spend time you need to be able to control time, and the only moment for spending time is called . . . Now!

9. Modern physics tells us that there is always an unlimited number of possible futures coming towards and at each particular moment. We ‘choose’ one of those futures . . . Now! . . . and that selected future then becomes the unalterable past. Now! is the moment in time when the future becomes the past.

10. Measuring things is one way of controlling them. Units of measurement enable us to better manipulate things to our useful advantage. For example, kilometers enable us to control distances, kilometres per hour enable us to control speed, days help us to control time. With units of measurement, the smaller the unit the greater degree of control. So, we come to the concept of what I call ‘Cybertime 24/7’: the shift from measuring time in days to measuring it in hours.

11. In a week there are seven days and we know them by their individual names (the names are another form of measurement). These days are familiar and useful chunks of time. Their only disadvantage in spending them is their size. A day is so large and bulky, it can be quite cumbersome to spend. We lose patience, or interest. We get tired, distracted or bored. If only we had an easier method of controlling time, of spending time . . .

12. Cybertime 24/7

13. Cybertime 24/7 makes this possible by giving each hour its own name just as each day has its own name. Suddenly a certain hour is important because it is unique. It has its own name and cannot be confused with any other hour. Just as Monday is a unique day and never gets confused with Friday, in Cybertime 24/7 a certain hour never need be confused with another hour. Each hour can be planned and spent in its own way. So what shall we call these unique hours of time? What names shall we give them?

14. Since there are only 168 hours each and every week, why don’t we (just for convenience) give each hour its own unique number. That way we can identify each hour as a special unit of time and be free to spend it as we please.

15. In the Cybertime map, Monday goes from Cybertime 1 to 24. Tuesday is Cybertime 25 to 48. Wednesday is Cybertime 49 to 72 and so on.

In the Cybertime map,
Monday goes from Cybertime 1 to 24.
Tuesday is Cybertime 25 to 48.
Wednesday is Cybertime 49 to 72. and so on.

Monday Tuedays Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 25 49 73 97 121 145
2 26 50 74 98 122 146
3 27 51 75 99 123 147
4 28 52 76 100 124 148
5 29 53 77 101 125 149
6 30 54 78 102 126 150
7 31 55 79 103 127 151
8 32 56 80 104 128 152
9 33 57 81 105 129 153
10 34 58 82 106 130 154
11 35 59 83 107 131 155
12 36 60 84 108 132 156
13 37 61 85 109 133 157
14 38 62 86 110 134 158
15 39 63 87 111 135 159
16 40 64 88 112 136 160
17 41 65 89 113 137 161
18 42 66 90 114 138 162
19 43 67 91 115 139 163
20 44 68 92 116 140 164
21 45 69 93 117 141 165
22 46 70 94 118 142 166
23 47 71 95 119 143 167
24 48 72 96 120 144 168

16. Spending or Investing Cybertime

17. Each of us gets a fresh deposit of 168 hours in our personal Cybertime account each week. We can either spend it ourselves or others will spend it for us. Because Cybertime is measured in hours, it is more flexible, more manageable and easier to spend. You can budget Cybertime just like you budget your cash flow. You can plan Cybertime for work, for health, for family, for friends, for yourself, for training, for entertainment, for maintenance, for fun, or for nothing! The main point is to spend it yourself.

18. Cybertime 24/7 is that point in time and space where one of the possible futures collapses into the actual past
. . . try to be there when it happens!

This html-coded online version of the Wombat Final 15/5/06 -- wombatbook.pdf, was prepared by Darlene Sartore with some minor adaptations and color texting, for use only by course presenters certified by Ideal Network Academy. Use permission herein granted from author Michael Hewitt-Gleeson on March 5, 2007.

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