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In dealing with, or using, term "truth", be very cautious about THE Truth Virus and Cultural Memes... The Truth and Memes set up "I am right. You are wrong." conflict situations, and cause confusion as to what is "accurate" information to use in making choices that will produce desired results.

Thanks to founders and students of the "School of Thinking", we gain ever more wisdom in understanding what's accurate and what's not; what works effectively and efficiently NOW, and what no longer value-productively serves humankind for Life Protection and Sustainability.... When a person becomes conscious that something no longer serves to produce desired results, then emotional attachment to that something can easily be dissolved and allow consciousness of a better something to empower it to flow into existence along the Law of Growth.

There is a very strong antidote to THE Truth Virus offered by a universal law of thinking, known as "Law of Cognetics" presented by the School of Thinking.....

The Law of Cognetics is a universal law of thinking. It is stated as follows: "the Current View of the Situation can never be equal to the Better View of the Situation".

Just think about that for ten seconds. See if it makes any sense to you and whether you can embrace the law, or whether you can't. Say it to yourself out loud and see how you react to it:

the Current View of the Situation (CVS)
can never be equal to
the Better View of the Situation (BVS)

Do you have any trouble with this law? This is really the most important law for thinking. The more you can bring conviction into this, the more it'll work for you.

As we continue to design ways to neutralise THE Truth Virus, the preferred method is using tools of science.

Why?... What is it that makes science so unique?... What is it that separates the scientific approach to matters from other non-scientific approaches?... The answer is: testing and measuring.

It's only by putting a theory up against testing and measuring that we can move it from science fiction towards science fact. I say "towards" because we can never actually prove anything in science in an absolute sense.

What we say is that after testing and measurement of the evidence, the 'balance of evidence' as it now stands would indicate that such-and-such a theory seems valid. It's a 'more likely truth' This always gets updated at a later stage by other scientists as testing and measuring procedures improve and as new theories, new 'more likely truths', are put forward.

Not Testing and Measuring = Faith

The absence of testing and measuring is: faith. When we are in a non-scientific mode we can use faith as a way of coming to a point-of-view. There are many things in human culture that don't lend themselves very well to testing and measuring, and some people still get value out of believing in them.

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Lateral Thinking -- la'ter al think'ing, a way of thinking which seeks the solution to intractable problems through unorthodox methods, or elements which would normally be ignored by logical thinking. Dr Edward de Bono divides thinking into two methods. One he terms 'vertical thinking' - that is, using the processes of logic, the historic and traditional method. The other type he calls 'lateral thinking' which involves disrupting an apparent sequence and arriving at the solution from another angle. Lateral thinking leads to those simple ideas that are obvious only after they have been thought of. - Oxford English Dictionary

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