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Session 26:
Broadcasting 24/7: Impression of Increase
What are you "saying" to others — without words?

1. Hello and welcome back!

2. Let's talk about this phrase that so many people seem to find puzzling, "the impression of increase."

3. There are two important parts to this. First, there's the fact that we're all unconsciously giving off some kind of sense to other people all the time, some kind of vibe. In fact, that's precisely what it is, a vibration, and everyone of us is both broadcasting and receiving 24/7. Then there's the universal principle called the Law of Increase, and we want to make sure we're in harmony with it.

4. Thomas Edison said, "What you are will show in what you do," and that's part of the impression of increase, but it also shows before you actually do anything in particular. It constantly emanates from what we are and becomes visible in what we do, but there's that invisible something we all give off that's just always there.

5. When I was a kid there was a comic strip called "Lil Abner" that had a character named Joe (well, his last name is unpronounceable!) Btfsplk - who was immediately recognizable because he always had a dripping rain cloud over his head. No matter how strongly the sun was shining, Joe was getting rained on - and everyone avoided him, fearing his negativity was contagious.

6. Now, you probably have experienced people like that - who radiate the exact opposite of increase - and I hope you've experienced the opposite, too, those folks who just seem to glow with good humor, to radiate good will. And perhaps you've been fortunate enough to be around extremely successful, wealthy people whose very presence is an encouragement and inspiration to you.

7. Here's how a man named Ernest Holmes, writing in 1938, described this phenomenon:

"Each person has a mental atmosphere which is the result of all that he has thought, said and done, and consciously or unconsciously perceived. The mental atmosphere is very real, and is that subtle influence which constitutes the power of personal attraction, for personal attraction has but little to do with looks. It goes much deeper and is almost entirely subjective. This will explain our likes and dislikes for those with whom we come in daily contact. We meet some only to turn away without a word, while others we are at once drawn toward, and without any apparent reason."

8. So, on the one hand, there's nothing to do. There's just something to be. And that's your great big True Self that's entirely open and receptive to universal abundance. But, as our friend Mr. Wattles reminds us, "Something more is necessary." So let's dig in and see what this Law of Increase is all about and how we can give the impression of increase by alignŽing ourselves with this universal principle.

9. First, Mr. Wattles defines the Law of Increase as simply the natural, fundamental impulse of the universe. Simply put, everything alive is either growing or dying. All human activities, he notes, are based on the natural desire for increase. "That which makes you want more money is the same thing that makes the flower grow," he says. We want more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure, more love - increase in something, he says. More LIFE.

10. We can see that it's true that where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once. It's our nature to seek more. It's good. Mr. Wattles shows us that a condition of no growth results in loss, sometimes loss of all, of everything. To illustrate this, he refers to "the parable of the talents," but seems to have expected his 1910 audience to know that story and so he doesn't retell it. A parable is a teaching story, an illustration or word picture that helps to make a point. Because they allow us to grasp principles in a practical way, all great teachers have used them, and this story of the talents was told by Jesus of Nazareth to illustrate the necessity of increase. I'll recap it for you here to fill in the blanks in Mr. Wattles' explanation.

11. In this story, a rich man is preparing to leave on a long journey. He calls in three of his servants and divides some of his wealth - in a form of money called talents - among them, giving to each according to his ability. One man gets five talents, one gets two, and the third servant receives just one.

12. After the master leaves, the servant with five talents goes out and does some business and doubles his money to ten. The one with two does the same thing and ends up with four talents. But the man who received only one talent is afraid of losing what he's been given and instead of putting that money to work in the world, he buries it in the ground for safekeeping.

13. At last the master returns and calls for an accounting. The first man delivers the ten talents and the master responds with the famous phrase, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." He says, "You have been faithful in a few small things. Now I will make you master over many." And so that servant receives a great reward.

14. The very same thing happens with the second servant, too.

15. But the third, fearful man gets quite a different result from his thinking and actions. He says to the master, "You're a tough boss and a hard man, and so I was afraid. But look - you still have what is yours," and he produces the lone talent.

16. The master becomes very angry and tells him, "You knew that I'm a hard taskmaster and you knew what I expected of you, and yet you gave in to your fear and did nothing." So he says to another servant, "Take his one talent and give it to the one who has ten. And cast this unprofitable servant into outer darkness."

17. One lesson we can immediately glean from this story is obvious: Don't go burying your talent!

18. And the other is that fear leads to no growth which leads to loss of all. Without increase, there truly is nothing. And the opposite is also true! When we are in harmony with the Law of Increase, not even the sky's the limit!

19. Mr. Wattles reminds us again, "The normal desire for increased wealth is not an evil or a reprehensible thing. It is simply the desire for more abundant life. It is aspiration."

20. My friend, when we are thinking and acting in the certain way, we can relax into the knowledge that we are getting increase for ourselves, and more than that, we are giving it off to all with whom we deal. "You are a creative center from which increase is given off to all," Wally says.

21. "Be sure of this," he adds. "And convey assurance of it to every man, woman, and child with whom you come into contact."

22. And here is where there is something to do.

23. As a former marketing person I can tell you that it is not enough for you to have built a better mousetrap unless people know and believe and care that you have. So while we are naturally radiating the impression of increase, we also pay attention to what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how our words and actions are perceived.

24. Speaking of increase in the arena of business, Mr. Wattles tells us, "No matter how small the transaction, even if it be only the selling of a stick of candy to a little child, put into it the thought of increase, and make sure that the customer is impressed with the thought." In marketing terms, he's talking about perceived value. Of course, it doesn't matter whether you're in business or not. (And remember, that you are in business for yourself. If you're an employee, your employer and co-workers are the "customers" he's referring to.)

25. Outside the business scene, he says: "Convey the impression of advancement with everything you do, so that all people shall receive the impression that you are an advancing personality and that you advance all who deal with you. Even to the people whom you meet in a social way, without any thought of business and to whom you do not try to sell anything, give the thought of increase."

26. So how do we make sure we're giving this thought, making this impression?

27. Mr. Wattles says, "You can convey this impression by holding the unshakable faith that you, yourself, are in the way of increase and by letting this faith inspire, fill, and permeate every action. Feel that you are getting rich, and that in so doing you are making others rich and conferring benefits on all.

28. "Feel the faith and let it work out in every transaction. Let every act and tone and look express the quiet assurance that you are getting rich - that you are already rich. Words will not be necessary to communicate this feeling to others. They will feel the sense of increase when in your presence, and will be attracted to you again."

29. So first we start by simply knowing it down in our bones - with our faith, expectation, and gratitude. And then the right words and actions - the how - will unfold before us.

30. Back in the days of penny candy, the owner of a New York City candy store noticed something strange happening. He had two young women working for him, both of whom were efficient, reliable workers and who seemed equally kind and good-natured with the children who came in to buy candy. But for some seemingly inexplicable reason, the kids wanted only Betty to sell them their sweets, rather than Sue. The store owner began to ask the children why they wanted Betty and he was alarmed to hear again and again, "Betty gives us more candy." So he decided to pay closer attention and get to the bottom of the situation.

31. In a few days, he saw clearly what was going on. When Sue weighed out candy, she'd scoop some onto the scale and then take away pieces until the weight was correct. But when Betty filled the child's order, she'd scoop a little onto the scale and then add pieces until the weight came up to the right amount. Both women were delivering exactly the same measure, but the children were receiving the impression of more from Betty. And who knows? Perhaps Betty's unconscious impulse to measure in the way she did was just one of the ways she naturally radiated increase.

32. We're warned not to boast or brag or even talk unnecessarily about our success. It's unnecessary and counterproductive. And we're reminded again to give more in use value than we take in cash value, and to take an honest pride in doing that, and to let everybody know it. When you do, he says: "You will have no lack of customers."

33. "People will go where they are given increase, and the Supreme, which desires increase in all and which knows all, will move toward you men and women who have never heard of you. Your business will increase rapidly and you will be surprised at the unexpected benefits which will come to you. You will be able from day to day to make larger combinations, secure greater advantages, and to go on into a more congenial vocation if you desire to do so."

34. This is exactly what has happened and continues to happen to me and many, many others. It's what happening to many of the students taking this course, and I hope it's happening to you. And remember that Mr. Wattles tells us all this is cumulative in nature. It snowballs. It mushrooms. If it seems to start small or grow slowly, just watch out! Before you know it, if you persist in the certain way, you'll be amazed and dazed and thrilled by what unfolds. That's the Law of Increase in action!

35. Now today's LifeLab is an opportunity to become aware and conscious of one way you are radiating out to others (and further impressing on yourself and the formless at the same time). It's a real eye-opener and for most of us it just might be the most difficult LifeLab experiment yet. But believe me, as you engage in this fascinating experiment, you will be making an enormous shift in your personal atmosphere - and others will pick up on it, although they may not quite be able to pinpoint what's different. You'll know, though, and you'll love the effect.

36. So let's sign off and get right to it. And as you begin, remember to EXPECT Success!

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