The Science Of Being Great
First Person Adaptations With Word Clarifications...
by Darlene Hedrick-Sartore
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The Science Of Being Great
written circa 1903 by Wallace Delois Wattles

This is the THIRD book written by Wallace Wattles.
His FIRST book "Science of Getting Rich" published in 1910 is
timeless wisdom, and a practical, step-by-step prosperity program.

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The Science of Being Great
Chapter 16: Some Further Explanations

1. WE go back here to the matter of the point of view, for, besides being vitally important, it is the one that is likely to give the most trouble to a person who has been trained, partly by mistaken religious teachers, to look upon the world as being like a wrecked ship, storm-driven upon a rocky coast; utter destruction is inevitable at the end, and the most that can be done is to rescue, perhaps, a few of the crew. This view teaches to consider the world as essentially bad and growing worse; and to believe that existing discords and inharmoniousness must continue and intensify until the end. It robs hope for society, government, and humanity, and gives a decreasing outlook and contracting mind. This is all wrong. The world is not wrecked. It is like a magnificent steamer with the engines in place and the machinery in perfect order. The bunkers are full of coal, and the ship is amply provisioned for the cruise; there is no lack of any good thing. Every provision Omniscience could devise has been made for the safety, comfort, and happiness of the crew; the steamer is out on the high seas tacking hither and thither because no one has yet learned the right course to steer. We are learning to steer, and in due time will come grandly into the harbor of perfect harmony.

2. The world is good, and growing better. Existing discords and inharmoniousness are but the pitching of the ship incidental to our own imperfect steering; they will all be removed in due time. This view gives an increasing outlook and an expanding mind; it enables thinking largely of society and of ourselves, and to do things in a great way.

3. Furthermore, we see that nothing can be wrong with such a world or with any part of it, including our own affairs. If it is all moving on toward completion, then it is not going wrong; and as our own personal affairs are a part of the whole, they are not going wrong. Each of us, and all that we each are concerned with, are moving on toward completeness. The only action that can check this forward movement is the self by assuming a mental attitude that is at cross-purposes with the mind of God. Each of us have nothing to keep right but the self; if each of us keep the self right, nothing can possibly go wrong with the self, thus we can have nothing to fear. No business or other disaster can come upon a person if personal attitude is right, for each person is a part of that which is increasing and advancing, and each must increase and advance with it.

4. Moreover a personal thought-form will be mostly shaped according to personal viewpoint of the cosmos. If the world is viewed as a lost and ruined thing, those holding this viewpoint will see their self as a part of it, and as partaking of its sins and weaknesses. If the outlook for the world is hopeless as a whole, then the outlook for the self cannot be hopeful. If the view of the world is as declining toward its end, then the self cannot be seen as advancing. Unless a person will think well of all the works of God, the person cannot really think well of the self, and unless thinking well of the self it is not possible to become great.

5. Remember that our personal place in life, including our material environment, is determined by the thought-form habitually held of the self. When a thought-form of the self is made, it can hardly fail to form in the brain-mind a corresponding environment. If thinking of the self is as an incapable, inefficient person, then thinking of the self will be with poor or cheap surroundings. Unless thinking well of the self it is surely to picture the self in a more or less poverty stricken environment. Such thoughts, habitually held, become invisible forms in the surrounding mind-stuff, and are continually present. In due time, by the regular action of the eternal creative energy, the invisible thought-forms are produced in material stuff and by personal thoughts made into material things.

6. See nature as a great living and advancing presence, and see human society in exactly the same way. It is all one, corning (being feed) from one source, and it is all good. We each are made of the same stuff as God. All the constituents of God are parts of each of us; every power that God has is a constituent of Human Beings. Each can move forward as is seen God doing. We each have within the self the source of every power.

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