Science Of Being Great
First Person Adaptations With Word Clarifications...
by Darlene Hedrick-Sartore
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Science Of Being Great
written circa 1903 by Wallace Delois Wattles

This is the THIRD book written by Wallace Wattles.
His FIRST book "Science of Getting Rich" published in 1910 is
timeless wisdom, and a practical, step-by-step prosperity program.

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The Science of Being Great
Chapter 11: Realization

1. IF I were to stop with the close of the last chapter, however, I would never become great; I would be indeed a mere dreamer of dreams, a castle-builder. Too many do stop there; they do not understand the necessity for present action in realizing the vision and bringing the thought-form into manifestation. Two things are necessary; firstly, the making of the thought-form and secondly, the actual appropriation to myself of all that goes into, and around, the thought-form. We have discussed the first, now we will proceed to give directions for the second. When a person has made a thought-form, the person is ready internally, to be what is desired be. Next a person must become externally what is desired to be. Each person is already great within, but each are not yet doing the great things without. Most cannot begin on the instant, to do the great things; most cannot be before the world the great actor, or lawyer, or musician, or personality desired to be. No one will entrust great things to a person until the self is made known. But each person can always begin to do small things in a great way.

2. Here lies the whole secret. Begin to be great today in my own home, in my store or office, on the street, everywhere; I can begin to make myself known as great, and I can do this by doing everything I do in a great way. I must put the whole power of my great soul in to every act, however small and commonplace, and so reveal to my family, my friends, and neighbors what I really am. Do not brag or boast of myself; do not go about telling people what a great personage I am, simply live in a great way. No one will believe me if I tell I am a great person, but no one can doubt my greatness if I show it in my actions. In my domestic circle be so just, so generous, so courteous, and kindly that my family, my spouse, children, brothers, and sisters shall know that I am a great and noble soul. In all relations with people be great, just, generous, courteous, and kindly. The great are never otherwise. This is my attitude.

3. Next, and most important, I must have absolute faith in my own perceptions of truth. Never act in haste or hurry; be deliberate in everything; wait until I feel that I know the true way. And when I do feel that I know the true way, be guided by my own faith though the entire world shall disagree with me. If I do not believe what God tells me in little things, I will never draw upon his wisdom and knowledge in larger things. When I feel deeply that a certain act is the right act, do it and have perfect faith that the consequences will be good. When I am deeply impressed that a certain thing is true, no matter what the appearances to the contrary may be, accept that thing as true and act accordingly. The one way to develop a perception of truth in large things is to trust absolutely to my present perception of Truth in small things. Remember that I am seeking to develop this very power or faculty - the perception of truth; I am learning to read the thoughts of God. Nothing is great and nothing is small in the sight of Omnipotence; he holds the sun in its place, but he also notes a sparrow's fall, and numbers the hairs of my head.

4. God is as much interested in the little matters of everyday life as he is in the affairs of nations. I can perceive truth about family and neighborhood affairs as well as about matters of statecraft. And the way to begin is to have perfect faith in the truth in these small matters, as it is revealed to me from day to day. When I feel deeply impelled to take a course that seems contrary to all reason and worldly judgment, take that course. Listen to the suggestions and advice of others, but always do what I feel deeply in the within to be the true thing to do. Rely with absolute faith, at all times, on my own perception of truth; but be sure that I listen to God - that I do not act in haste, fear, or anxiety.

5. Rely upon my perception of truth in all the facts and circumstances of life. If I deeply feel that a certain man will be in a certain place on a certain day, go there with perfect faith to meet him; he will be there, no matter how unlikely it may seem. If I feel sure that certain people are making certain combinations, or doing certain things, act in the faith that they are doing those things. If I feel sure of the truth of any circumstance or happening, near or distant, past, present, or to come, trust in my perception. You may make occasion al mistakes at first because of my imperfect understanding of the within; but I will soon be guided almost invariably right. Soon my family and friends will begin to defer, more and more, to my judgment and to be guided by me. Soon my neighbors and townsmen will be coming to me for counsel and advice; soon I will be recognized as one who is great in small things, and I will be called upon more and more to take charge of larger things. All that is necessary is to be guided absolutely, in all things, by my inner light, my perception of truth. Obey my soul, have perfect faith in myself. Never think of myself with doubt or distrust, or as one who makes mistakes. "If I judge, my judgment is just, for I seek not honor from men, but from the Father only."

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