Interactive Internet Conferencing
for Paradise Dynamics

Every Monday through Friday -- via Internet Conferences ---
Times stated are in Eastern Time Zone (as in New York - usa)...

1:30 p.m. - iConference USE protocol and testing your microphone, speakers and follow-me web-browser.

2:00 p.m. Interactive dialogues .... NOTE: For Daily Schedule with other events and times -- Click on "HOME Zone" - then Page Down the SIDE Blue Menue - click on the DAY of WEEK...

Monday Main Topic - "The Master Key System" reading & interactive dialogue

Tuesday Main Topic - "The Science Of Being Rich" reading & interactive dialogue

"The Master Key System", The "Science Of GETTING Rich", and other Certain Way of Thinking - being in harmony with Universal Laws, including "As A Man Thinketh", which are in ebook format are in Members Area of

There is also a Flash Presentation which awakens the creative power within and reviews how to set this power into dynamic operation.

Wednesday Main Topic - Optimum Health interactive dialogue

Thursday Main Topic -- Internet Marketing - LET the world KNOW ABOUT what you have to offer by using Veretechnology, plus passively earn from another income stream too... An Affiliate program is the most cost-effective way to spark a stampede of targeted traffic to YOUR Website...

Friday Main Topic -- Instant Learning with Movies -- Overview features "Better Universe Movie Club Plus"

We meet in
iConference Business Mart Community's PRIVATE Lobby:
ROOM - A Better World Cafe & University
When connected to iConference
to be cyberspaced into the ROOM
iC PAGE me at one of my user names

You're also welcome to attend The FREE
Priority Concepts Prosperity Principles
based on the Science of Getting Rich
Telephone & Internet Conference Broadcast of it

Mondays 9:00 p.m. -- Eastern Time (as in New York - USA)
IF you prefer attending via our own telephone
For the telephone number

To attend the iConference broadcast of this telephone conference... for those who have downloaded the iConference Software... Click on iC icon on your computer's desktop... then enter iC Business Mart Lobby... then click on the "A Better World cafe & University" ROOM...

iConference Room is usually open half-hour earlier for general get acquainted open chatting, or testing your computer mic, speakers, connection, volumes, etc....

MasterMinding, Group Interactions, and family-style study of information, greatly enhances understanding and the application power inspired by information within the resources being considered... Teamworking inspires "What Can I do?" to ascend into: "What can WE do?"... By cooperatively leveraging of OUR thoughts and actions, WE teamworking GOES FAR BEYOND the scope of what any single person is able to accomplish... Group Interactions inspire Self-Development AND Us-Development... Building Personal Paradises is a much more joyous adventure when we interactively connect with OTHERS also gloriously building Personal Paradises....

A Team forms around A PURPOSE with focus being on THE actions required to achieve htat specific purpose... When the purpose is achieved, members of the team either gravitate to other "teams", or find another common purpose to stay together and work together to achieve.

Interactive Internet Conferencing generates Team Dynamics, which is THE MOST Powerful Method to acquire, spread and sustain NEW value-productive paradigms ON a Community and even GLOBAL SCALE... Paradise ON Earth can and will manifest WHEN enough people are aware of and live in harmony with Universal Laws.

FREE Download Link for the
Internet Conferencing System
used for MOST meetings related to
Paradise On Earth Projects.

Do NOT download IF ANY version of iConference
is already installed.
(HOW do i know for sure???
The iC logo will be on your computer's desktop)
IF iC IS already installed >BR>email me at
for directions
to enter the ICBM Private Lobby

The iC Business Mart iConference Private Lobby was created for those of us who are serious about successfully using the Internet with ANY of our projects... Click here for details

The iConference system allows for large Cyber-Space gatherings of 500 or so in one room. Some of the features include: Voice and Text Communication with others in the iC Room, Private *iC Pager, Internet Conferencing sessions requiring Follow-Me Web-Browsing Presentations, use of VIDEO CAMERA, and Free-hand White Board Drawing...

*iConference private communications are via an individual's iC Pager, which installs at same time as the iConference is downloaded...

Using Internet Conferencing to
connect with others of like-kind interests
is the easiest method to learn about
and apply Creation Power Wisdom.

Paradise Dynamics Team Study and
TEXT for FREE Internet Study
NOW in progress....

Universal Laws along with
The Certain Way Of Thinking and Action for Success
Links to Texts in use
Science Of BEING Rich
Science Of Being WELL
and The Master Key System

Advanced Study of Paradise Dynamics in the Age of Light And Life
primary text
The Urantia Papers
(link opens a new browser window)
This link also offers a WORD SEARCHABLE format
Suggest begin with words: Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Note: In dealing with, or using, term "truth", be very cautious about THE Truth Virus and Cultural Memes... The Truth and Memes set up "I am right. You are wrong." conflict situations, and cause confusion as to what is "accurate" information to use in making choices that will produce desired results. -- There is a huge difference between "truth" and "The Truth" doctrines and dogma.

Group study of the information greatly enhances understanding and the application power inspired by information within these resources...

Students of these books participate with Internet Conferencing many times per week... Together we learn how to apply THE knowledge within these informative resources so as to MAKE IT EASY to manifest a person's dreams AND AT THE SAME naturally doing our part of manifesting Paradise On Earth.... Studying the information using TEAM DYNAMICS makes it SO much FUN, plus drastically REDUCES Learning Curve Challenges, AND SHORTENS the Manifesting Time. = Get what's desired much faster and easier!!! -- By learning from experiences of others we can avoid many errors and progress much faster from accumulated wisdom... Just be sure that learning from others does NOT block personal imagination and new discoveries gained by fresh perspectives... By using Internet Conferencing NOW this valuable life-style improving wisdom can easily flow GLOBALLY.

Each participant is encouraged to begin doing their own presentations via Internet Conferencing, so as to inspire mutual empowerment actions in SHARED INTERESTS...

IF you know of any interactive Study Groups NOW functioning, or have a group eager to begin, contact us to get listed on the schedule...

NOTE: For individuals not fluent in ENGLISH, Market Depot has within it's package a Learn Center, that includes the highly acclaimed "English As A SECOND Language" ON-LINE Course... ONE of the goals of the Safe Network is make sure that communication no longer is a barrier to manifesting Paradise On Earth...

Using Internet Conferencing makes it easy to connect with others acquiring the same skills and help each other in the learning and application process.

Internet Conferencing is part of the most powerful product range of internet based communication tools on the planet... TO spread the message about this awesome information-sharing system, participants in this interactive online community are connecting people around the globe to enjoy a fantastically FUN and profitable work-from-home opportunity... You can never have TOO much FUN and or TOO much MONEY... so get in the flow of fun and money by having and using your own Internet Conferencing Room...

NOTE: iConference access and attendence at online meetings is FREE... BUT, creating "Rooms" and Moderate A Conference, can only be done by affililates ....

FYI.... Success Coaching and Cooperative Marketing
revolve around connecting people with the same interests...
NOW that's EASY and F-R-E-E...

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How do I tell other people about SOGR?... When I try to share it with my friends, co-workers and my family, they don't get it.... Sometimes they're even REALLY negative about it.


You must avoid meddling with other people's affairs. Help all who come to you, but do not go about officiously endeavoring to set other people right. Mind your own business. It is no part of your mission in life to correct people's morals, habits, or practices ...

If you hold the right viewpoint of the world, others will find it out and be impressed by it through your daily conversation and practice. Do not try to convert others to your point of view, except by holding it and living accordingly ...

Do your "missionary work" by living, not by argument.

If you can demonstrate radiant health, it will convert more people in a year than you could change by a century of argument.

If you can pass from poverty or lack to abundance, it will be more convincing to those around you than a stack of lectures as high as the Statue of Liberty.

After you have attained to perfect health, and after you have entered into abundance financially, you can begin to preach. But until you have "made good" yourself, you have nothing to preach about. If you begin to preach before you are thoroughly grounded yourself, you will certainly become involved in disputation and argument. Argument will shake your own faith,k and in the end you will fair to arrive at a demonstration.

There are a certain number of people among those in your immediate environment who are ready to receive this truth, and this percentage is probably not large. If you begin to teach, orally, you will antagonize those who are not ready, and confusion and turmoil will result.

But if you say very little, and live, letting your light shine so that all may see your good works, those who are ready for the truth will come to you, seeking it.

And remember that "good works" are not always the things you do to other people.

It is just as truly a good work to heal yourself of disease as it is to heal somebody else, and healing yourself is the first good work you ought to do, because it is the best way to lead others to healing.

It is just as truly a good work to make yourself rich as it is to give money to other people, and so help them to get rich; and your first work ought to make yourself rich, because then you will have something to help other people with ...

Mind you, I do not say that you are to have no missionary spirit and that you are not to try to carry this truth to others, I am only saying that you are to avoid argument and controversy. Where you do find someone who is ready to listen, without disputing, speak, but do not go about preaching indiscriminately. And remember that the very best way to find out those who are ready for the truth is by making a demonstration -- by letting your light shine.

Get well, and get rich."

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Master Artisan Portfolio for Instant Success

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