Manifest Dreams
as if by MAGIC

Are you one of the few who has asended into a personal Paradisical lifestyle?... Or ... Are you like most people who experience life-expressions that seem to go from solving from one disaster to the next catasophe.... putting out brush fires hoping to prevent forest fires...

It's very sad that in an era when the knowledge to be as successful as is desired, most are struggling to survive, and living lives of quiet desperation... Within an ocean of abundance, as yet few have learned how to swim or enjoy the many forms of wealth... Few have discovered how to Manifest Abundance with Guilt-free Integral Control of our I-ness potentials... Few are able to Be, Do or Have the best of the best.... This condition is because most of humanity has been exposed to errors accepted as accurate facts, and educated inacturately about how reality and the brain function... Volumes of pages could be written tracking the errant philosophies that cause most to survive within this value-destructive environment... IF you're like I am, when I realized that this is exactly what my lifestyle revolved around; I wanted IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ANSWERS... But much to my dismay no such corrective guide was available... Thus I began what would result in a long and difficult journey to locate the "DOORWAY" to escape oppression and depression... A challenging journey I'd wish upon no body... but the end result of which I wish I could GIVE to everybody.... THAT is WHY the LIBERTY ZONE website and the American Dream Mainfesters' Educare Cooperatives are manifesting... So IF you choose to enter the Liberty Zone and participate with this Educare project, you can be spared a similar challenging, and often deadly, adventure.

Are you allowing your intellectual Light and productive Life potentials to remain unchallenged and untapped?... This is no longer necessary, thanks to what's now available within the Computer and Internet Era... NOW silently, beyond the eyes and ears of dream-stealers, you can exit their destructive world, and be welcomed into the glorious ocean of abundant Light and Life... Without limitations you can now receive the necessary educare to safely and skillfully surf the thrilling wave along with others who have discovered an amazingly glorious Garden of Eden Paradise... THIS NEW FRONTIER is manifesting an American Dream Manifesters' COMMUNITY that has opened the GATEWAY into the Third Garden of Eden to exist on this planet... Eden 3 invites all who care to enter to do so... In Eden 3, the prime moral duty is by reasoned actions to develop a person's own potentials to achieve abiding happiness. Happiness results from objectively identifying facts in FULL CONTEXT and living competently by avoiding all forms of dishonesty or mysticism.

In Eden 3, an individual's Cube of Success becomes fully balanced and ever-expanding... Each can be, do and have as much happiness as the self is willing to receive and wisely use.

The easiest method to enter Eden 3, is by participating with projects within Educare Portfolio