A Jubilee was proven extremely successful in the peaceful transition in 1787 from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution of the united States of America… This Jubilee transformation created what in essence is a "democratic compound republic" which provided a debt-free money system and common defense protection of sovereign individuals, encourages harmonious co-existence and cooperation of sovereign individuals, and where value-productive for the collaboration of sovereign individuals and private enterprises…

LACK of understanding about "sound economics", combined with lack of vigilance use of protective provisions in the Constitution, allowed reemergence of the Cooperative Federalism scheme.... Thus the "fox was placed back in charge of the hen house" to freely rob the eggs of productive workers, and destroy any who objected to the theft.

By use of the Biblically endorsed JUBLIEE, we can immediately REMOVE the ROOT CAUSE of ALL personal and social ills… The name given to identify this cause is "Money-Changers"… They are skilled artisans at parasitically stealing from value-producers all forms of wealth… Wealth includes life, health, choice-making freedom, knowledge of Natural Law, mediums of exchanges, a/k/a. money, etc.…

With appropriate actions we can personally and socially permanently remove "money-changers" from every area of our life-expressions … The most vital aspect of Money-Changers Removal is to ascend out of the debt-money system into a debt-free money system…. WHEN the facts are known , this is very EASY TO DO… Unlike previous ages, we have technological capacity that will accommodate reasonable transformation without destroying essential communications, production and distribution systems.

Politicians, concerned about many of the same things that more aware private citizens are concerned about, are searching for ways out of the institutional trap without caving the roof in…. Using their traditional methods, it isn't going to happen … THE ONLY method is a "Jubilee Declaration", preferably by the President or Congress of the united States of America… THEN followed by the rest of the social structures around the planet… With Whole-Life Liberty Crusaders working diligently we can make the HEAT hot enough so that politicians will OBEY the Constitution and via use of the laws of a Jubilee Declaration, make organized corrective adjustments.

Remove of "Money-Changers" WILL happen either as a result of the Jubilee Declaration, OR as the only recovery after the roof caves in. …. Just as Federal Reserve wordsmiths and engineers completed the constitutional coup de grace in the turbulence of the 1930's great depression, money changers will have to be booted out when their fraud is manifestly exposed…. Spreading The FACTS is WHAT is HAPPENING via the Liberty Crusade CapitalWise Project… Only when enough sovereign individuals understand the facts, can bogus debt that by designed cannot be paid, be finally and peacefully repudiated.

Circumstances press us to think things through… to try to articulate motive and destination… as well as mode of conveyance.…. When all the factors all evaluated, it condenses down to: the ONLY solution and objective is doing what the Bible refers to as a JUBLIEE Declaration… Re: Leviticus 25:9-54; 27:17-24; Numbers 36:4;

Jubilee is analogous of "Salvation" = forgiveness of that which cannot be paid.

The horrible tangled web woven of slavery by the Money-Changers makes use of any other than a Jubilee method doomed to failure… The result of Jubilee IS a time of new beginnings…. A time when opportunity is fresh, unencumbered by obligations of the past, setting not only each individual, but also our children and grandchildren (and all future posterity), on a path of promise rather than futility.

Today we pay not only with the fruit of our labor, but with lives and limbs of our young…. We not only extract tribute in blood, we leach the substance of developing and third-world nations while simultaneously delegating future generations to poverty and servitude…. The insanity of the mathematically impossible Cooperative Federalism scheme accommodates privateering, a polite term for institutionalized piracy, slavery, and perpetual revolution. This cannot, and MUST NOT, be the heritage we leave our heirs.

Jubilee is the means of atonement for past errors, and restoration of sound value-productive reasoning that provides for ever-improving personal life-expressions and ever-perfecting civilization.

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