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Learn How To Accurately Watch Movies
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Each week we watch a previously assigned movie and talk about the learning experiences and lessons the characters and plot presented... In the comfort of our homes, club members, participate with their families and friends... In their classrooms, teachers and students interact...

"How TO LEAD Group Dialogues" is learned from participating with Learn With Movies Workshops held via Internet Conferencing, Success Coaches and students discuss the lessons, dynamics, et cetera, within that movie; and offer insights about how they might be used in daily life to produce ever more desirable results, and how we can learn through the characters' experiences, without personally going through the struggles and trauma, that the characters did...

WHY use Movies to learn and teach?... Because when correctly used, movies, videos, or any picture-action format, provides a POWERFUL INSTANT learning tool, and can be used for programming the brain's software to produce desired results... The type of results that will mainfest are formulated by the consciousness and conscience of each individuals encountering "the movie, video, dvd" etc... For this reason it's essential to HAVE Brain Software FILTERS installed that can wisely use the intelligences and senses to produce ONLY that which will DO NO HARM... Such value-productive self-educare skills are acquired as a student of Life-Enriching Movies...

Interacting with Better Universe Club Members using the Learn With Movies Process, you will build your belief that there is only one choice to make... To Win Creatively!... To create predetermined successful outcomes in every area of life, no matter how tough your reality has been up to this point. Whether you are already a high performer looking to hone your life skills, or someone who needs a lot of support and understanding, our teachings will bring you to where you desire your life to be.

How do we do that? One of our strongest tools is... Movies!... Movie studios around the world utilize the amazing power of film to transform a person's belief patterns, and give them a visual context of achieving a wonderful, worthwhile life. Think about a favorite film where you wished you were the main character, complete with a happy ending. You will realize through the power of movies that WE EACH ARE already in OUR OWN MOVIE.... Each of us IS the scriptwriter, the producer, the director, the CRITIC and the star performer. All the close people in our life are the cast and everyone else the extras... What's the answer to the question: "How is MY movie turning out so far?"

It will be noticed from the movies suggested for use with Group Dialogues, they offer the prescription to an effective, joyful life; which lies in the intense messages and metaphors that great movies allow us to see. Psychologists and psychiatrists are not the only ones who have discovered the amazing healing power of using major motion pictures. Many Universities and other learning institutions have been using film for years to "drive home" concepts that are being taught.

We can offer this proven method, to help people assimilate those "difficult to find" answers to the questions they may have been asking themselves for years. Paradise Dynamics embraced this methodology, and is now making it available to everyone who desires an "extra-ordinary life" all around the globe!

Via our iConference Community, there is always someone to talk with who is also focused on "their journey of enlightenment" and willing to work with you on empowering development of who and what you desire to be!.. Via the Buddy System we help each other "stay the course" through weekly assigned movies that will awaken the spirit within each of us that knows EACH Person CAN WIN at producing desired results! --- Also available is a Weekly Forum - a place to share your newfound insights with others, as well as daily training workshops to develop your personal skill sets. You will have a plan of action for your life, and a system of accountability, which ties all students and mentors together.

Is this process truly on the MARK?

Just look at the evidence - Brilliant, isn't it!

FROM: "The Cinema Therapy Newsletter #4, June 24, 2003"

Cinematherapy with the Addicted Client:

Escott also offers this preview of a presentation she hopes to present later this year in conjunction with Dr. Ulus and others at the APA conference next May.

Using films to help clients identify previously denied feelings and harmful behaviors is one of the many benefits of movie therapy. As clinicians become more comfortable with this treatment modality, the use of films to treat addicted individuals and their families can provide a valuable intervention. Finding the appropriate film and matching it to the clinical presentation is essential to the effectiveness of this new treatment modality.

Movies have portrayed alcoholism and addiction since the early days of film, from the 1916 Chaplinıs Police to 1930ıs Thin Man screwball comedies depictions of ³carefree² alcoholics to contemporary films such as Leaving Las Vegas. The wealth of films dealing with this topic does so with varying degrees of reality and clinical relevance.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in treating the addicted individual, and often their family, is in breaking through the denial ‹ the primary defense mechanism utilized in early, middle and late stages of alcoholism. If the film is not chosen judiciously, it may only feed into the clientıs denial as he or she may tend to deal with the film on a literal level. For example, assigning a movie such as 28 Days could result in the client returning to session with such comments as ³I never got drunk at a wedding² or ³My mother wasnıt an alcoholic.² Indeed, they may use the assignment to minimize their own usage by comparing with specific behaviors rather than looking for parallels in their relationships and own behavior.

In this presentation we will look at specific films that may be used with addicts in early and middle stages of the disease process and follow up interventions designed to help the client identify their own usage and the effects the addiction has on specific areas of their lives, i.e., work, family and health.

Birgit Wolz, Ph.D., MFT., publisher
Canyon, CA, USA

When we fully comprehend that using movies for self improvement is an emerging field, I think you'll agree we're on the LEADING EDGE of this huge industry! That's exciting, isn't it?
Our Movie Of The Week Dialogue is a high impact-coaching environment where an assigned film is discussed each week. Your end result is a connection with the part of you that knows you can accomplish any goal you set. Each movie focuses on a success formula exploring a theme from a variety of angles.

Why Movies?
Great movies have a powerful effect on us, causing us to 'suspend our disbelief' and immerse ourselves in the lives of others - to feel their feelings, live their lives, and gain the unique perspectives of others' experiences.

Isn't it about time we had a Straight Talk with ourselves?

The Impact of Straight Talk!
We help each other recognize that living a great life is not all about having the material trappings, but rather enjoying the journey one day at a time, always moving forward. Our personal coaching help us through the tough times, and celebrate our breakthroughs with each other.

With Straight Talk we're able to:

Compare the value what is gained to what Therapists or Life Coaching will cost you! The going rate per hour is $100.00-$200.00 PER HOUR!!! --- Working with this almost FREE system of interactive dialogues sure offers HUGE SAVINGS in many areas!!!

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