for creating An Ever Better Self, Lifestyle, Family,
Community, Economy, Environment, and World

To achieve these objectives quickly with grace, elegance and ease,
We Inspire Intensive Learning Of The Certain Way To Have Desired Results and
Use Massive Action Methods to Apply what is learned,

Daily Marching Forward Achieving Desired Results
using Internet Academy Courses, lectures, open dialogs and study halls in
in our Internet Conference Rooms
and in Local In-Home Cafés (a/k/a Meet-ups)

Academy Main Internet Conference Room
Link to OnDemand Conference Room --
Password is guest
Talk, Text Chat, Show WebPages, Whiteboard, etc.

WHY Participate ???????????

To STAY Focused On The Certain Way Of Success

which includes avoiding the

Law Of Diminishing Intent
and embracing
Geese-Like TeamWorking and TeamPlaying

FAST Start Success Science Process
LIVE presentations in Internet Conference Rooms
An Ever Better World Academy Participants currently meet TWICE DAILY
online at 10:00am, and 10:00pm (Eastern Time)

Various Courses are studied each month.
For 60 minutes daily
we HOLD each other accountable to
learn all the dynamics within The Secret,
focusing on Universal Laws and Predictable Constants

Some Resources include:

  • Dialogs about The Secret DVD which reveals the foundational code of The Secret Society for creating An Ever Better Self, Lifestyle, Family, Community, Economy, Environment, and World.

  • Interactively READING writings by Henry Drummond, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Ayn Rand, Buckminster Fuller, Abraham Maslow, Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson founder of the School Of Thinking, Dr. David R. Hawkins, and others who provide Ascension Career guidance in the Art Of Living EVER BETTER Life-Expressions and decoding the Map Of Consciousness.

Titles of Some Courses and Resouces include:

  • Transcending The Levels Of Consciousness
  • Brain Software -
    including How To Remove Memetic Viruses From Brain
  • WOMBAT Book
  • Power Vs Force
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • The Master Key System
  • The Science Of Getting and Being Rich
  • The Science of Being Well
  • The Science of Being Great
  • A New World In The Making
  • "Science of Getting Rich for Practical Geniuses"
    created by Rebecca Fine...
    includes LifeLabs and Fill-In-The-Blanks Learning Forms, audios with follow-along Scripts, Google Collaborative Spreadsheets, and Open Dialogs in our Community Internet Conference Room

To participate
1. SHOW UP at designated Internet Conference Room at designated time...

2. Have an explorative scientific attitude and approach... As Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, co-founder of The School Of Thinking, observes: "Scientific theories are fallible. They are made to be challenged, dismantled and reconstructed whenever they are proved to be factually wrong. They embrace change. The amazing march of science in the past 300 years is a testimony to this feature of fallibility. Science never wants to discover the ‘best’ truth, but rather a better one than the one we have at present." (RE: Wombat Book pdf page 63)

3. Avoid support of "Looters" and "Predators" following a "Strike" system as set forth by John Galt in Atlas Shrugged... Withdraw support from any thoughts and any things that might block having Life, and EVER BETTER Life-Expressions and Conditions.

4. Pledge and Make Monthly Financial Donations to An Ever Better World Academy.

5. Participate in some Entrepreneur OPTIONS endorsed by An Ever Better World Internet Academy designed for people embracing the Art of Living Paradisiacally... Because many adults need INSTANT additional streams of money, we've included Exercise In Prosperity Money Generation OPTIONS, such as: Being a Certified Academy Course Retailer and Scholarship Provider; data about this aspect is provided during The Secret Society's Trusted Information Provider Course... There are other money generating options An Ever Better World Educare Cooperative is continually evaluating and assembling that can be tailored to individual preferences... Data about these are presented during the various courses to which they are connected....

6. Get Information Materials from Rebbecca Fine's Website -- Download and READ FREE Science Of Being Rich ebook, then enroll in the Practical Genius Online Course (FIRST option in bottom row on Rebecca's website) ...

Download The Science of Getting Rich FREE

The Science Of Getting Rich WORKBOOK and Practical Genius Online Course.... It IS WISE to have hard copies ready for reference. --- Our primary Objective is to LEARN and Appropriately APPLY Universal Laws in The Certain Way APPLICATION using REAL CAPITAL Accumulation and Leveraging a SMALL amount of resources into HUGE amounts... Since Universal Energy FLOWS forth all forms of abundance just waiting to be tapped, there's nothing spiritual about any form of poverty... Denying the self of ANY form of wealth is a choice usually made due to inherited cultural memes... The Authentic Self will only make wealth denials IF there is a CLEAR value-productive service to be gained for a Higher Cause... Self denial is NOT a natural attribute... Human Beings, like all in nature, are endowed with natural attributes for having life and abundance with grace, elegance and ease... So why isn't everybody enjoying prosperity and peace... Discover WHYs during this course, along with How To Easily Achieve Freedom From Harmful Cultural Memes and other Self-Sabotaging Habits.

Vision becomes amazing reality -- Practical Genius System! -- You decide what it's worth to you! -- Go to the website, then scroll to bottom left of website --If says: GET RESULTS with the exclusive Science of Getting Rich for Practical GeniusesTM Online Course! .... The first and only online course where you set your own tuition! Join hundreds of students in this global, interactive, self-paced class that gives you step-by-step help in applying SOGR principles to your life. -- Click on "Get details & student comments" ... Then do as instructed to get access to the course.