An Ever Better World Internet Academy
Part 1 -- INSTANT Success System

Success Engineering System TO Acquire Personal Vision and Greatness using Personalized Internet and Computerized Learning System... Via an integrated network of trusted information providers, we serving from Conception to Graduation from the planet... Online Training Courses and Excellence Webinars presented in Internet VOIP Conference Rooms provide access to information and skill development processes for manifesting YOUR greatness and YOUR visions.

By Geese-Like TeamPlaying we created An Ever Better World Internet Academy offering quality courses, webinars, systems, and facilitators that inspire learning and applying skills which manifest An Ever Better Lifestyle that flows into having An Ever Better Family, An Ever Better Community, An Ever Better Commerce System, and An Ever Better World. We daily inspire and empower individuals to manifest their dreams. Those who desire to not work at a JOB (Just Over Broke) now do satisfying profitable vocations at their own hours from the comfort of their home. Those who prefer to be a mercantile entrepreneur, or to be an employee, do so in a safe environment, receiving justly rewarding compensation, and use meaningful value-productive ecolonomic methods to produce and offer goods and services. Many graduates of courses at An Ever Better World Internet Academy are now HIGHLY PAID Learning Facilitators, Consultants, and Coaches inspiring clients to discover personal passions, and if so desired to earn a HUGE income doing something each LOVES to do. Many apprentices quickly become designers and presenters of Webinar Training Programs, Production Specialists, and Quikonnex Channel Masters for their own personal projects, and at the same time help efficiently spread the message about HOW TO HAVE An Ever Better Lifestyle and An Ever Better World. We enjoy A Personal Paradise and Paradise on Earth which manifests from Application of Fundamental Excellence or Paradise Dynamics, which organize the Machinery Of Distribution For All Forms Of Wealth.

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The following is an overview about some of why this Internet Academy is an essential part of a person's DAILY Life...

"You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.... if you cherish a vision in your heart, you will realize it.... You have everything you need: a miraculous body, a phenomenal brain, and a vast and powerful subconscious mind. Now it's just a matter of focusing them in the right direction. " -- James Allen - 1864-1912, author of As A Man Thinketh

Sounds easy???? ... then WHY is everybody NOT creating the results they say they want???? ... The reason is there are NOT DAILY exposure to that which empowers desired results; thus people stay at the "want" level of lack and limitation.

Now by daily connecting in Internet Conference Rooms
of An Ever Better World Internet Academy
it is very easy to
focus our intention and attention on
Developing Personal Potentials for
Authentic Abundant Living

and enjoying all desired forms of wealth!!!!

By attending An Ever Better World Internet Academy,
we make Strategic Alliances with An Ever Better Worlders

By being co-publishers on our Qchannel (blog)
you post information about YOU and YOUR services.

By attending this Internet Academy via Internet Conferences, you will immediately get on the course where all forms of wealth can flow to you...

Ask yourself: ... What forms of wealth do I currently desire to have???? ..... optimum health??? .... loving relationships???? .... comfortable home??? ... global peace and prosperity???...

The Master Key to this course of actions is clearly comprehending that: All forms of wealth flow to a person in accord with Personal Development of our innate potentials.... Only when brain cells have been created to receive specific information, can the brain accept and use that knowledge. Only when a person has their potentials developed to receive and use a certain form of wealth, can it materialize in their world.... By participating with An Ever Better World Internet Academy, making Strategic Alliances with others of like-intention, and using Quikonnex communications , you can have tools to immediately take control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny, plus immediately gain additional streams of financial wealth, health and happiness... You will gain access to world's most advanced thinkers who collectively have helped thousands of people develop their potentials and become successful at having desired forms of wealth ....

Great minds discuss ideas and ideals.
Average minds discuss events and drama.
Small minds discuss people and gossip.

Again consciously address and answer the question: "WHAT forms of wealth do I desire?"

ARE these forms of wealth being applied to
creating An Ever Better World?

WHATEVER forms of wealth are desired you can learn how to have them by applying information presented in Internet Learning and Online Training formated courses arranged by An Ever Better World Internet Academy... Most courses are offered via Internet Conferences, Websites, Videos and ebooks, making them very convenient, affordable, and available anywhere in the universe. ... Let's begin our adventure to having whatever forms of wealth are desired... including optimum health.... loving supportive relationships...peace... freedom.... happiness... fun recreation events.... plenty of money... Keep adding to the list... Think Paradisiacally!!!!! ... The External World is a reflection of the Internal World... What we think about comes about... BE a wise Captain commanding only the thoughts you desire the Crew to encourage in energy transmutation... Providing WISE Captain-Crew Training is the prime directive of An Ever Better World Internet Academy.

This adventure will reveal An Ever Better World and Paradise On Earth Paradigm using a very unique Internet Academy where a person can easily learn how to create the lifestyle of their dreams... The process begins by connecting with people ALREADY living their dreams... When you desire to be, do or have something, if others are doing it successfully, then it is smart to learn what certain ways of success they are using, then determine how these methods might work for you too... IF nobody is yet doing what you desire to do, then thanks to understanding the Universal Laws, it is easy to use the certain way of thinking and acting that will manifest your desires... This wisdom is presented in the main FREE courses offered in an OnLine Learning environment... Some of these online courses are expanded upon in vacation-style seminars hosted around the planet.

PLUS if so desired during the learning process, it is very easy to also EARN a fortune in course referral fees by Inviting People To Consistently Have Their Best Day Ever from interacting with Daily Group Dynamic Success Coaching and Internet Conferences conducted by Success Coaches affiliated with An Ever Better World Internet Academy... These coaches apply the SCIENCE Of Getting and Being Rich (having all forms of wealth) which is whole-life orientated and functions in an environment of freedom to be, do and have whatever is within our visions...

This Internet Academy DOES what others fail to do, CONNECT a person with INSTANT application of what is being learned, so as to very quickly manifest desired results... Most learning programs function only at the level of Knowledge and leave the learner at the mercy of luck to figure out how to apply the knowledge in their daily lifestyle.

The first step in AEBW Learning System is using a method that empowers INSTANTLY applying the SCIENCE For Having Desired Results, which is always for the Best and Highest Good of the Self and Others... That method involves actively participating with a project within An Ever Better World Financial Network... Because as most have discovered, financial wealth is required to enjoy freedom to fully develop our innate talents... FREEDOM is NOT FREE !!!! -- In this current era, True Liberty requires plenty of money to purchase whatever is necessary to survive and thrive!... NOW it's easy and fast to generate Financial WEALTH while ALSO accumulating many other forms of wealth!

By particicating with this Internet Academy you can leap into streams of unlimited Wealth by applying the Science of Getting and Being Rich along with The Master Key System in all areas of our life-expressions...

Attendance at academy courses are via
Internet Conferencing,
and in-person workshops...

In just one of these powerful lifestyle enhancing workshops, you'll encounter THE greatest advance made since consciousness...
HOW TO break free from the cycle of destructive memes

In case you're wondering: WHAT are Memes?.... Memes are information genes or information viruses which create Human Brain Programming... Memes are only the second replicator, after genes, ever discovered by science. Like genes, which produce physical traits like red hair and certain tendencies like shyness, memes are replicated in human brains, along the lines of darwinian evolution, producing cultural traits like wearing a mini-skirt or using a laptop... We think and do what we think and do in alignment with memes.

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