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How may we serve you in achieving YOUR desired results? ... Experience has shown that: whether or not you clearly know what your success achievement needs are.... and whether or not you know what your purpose and passions for being are... there IS a success engineering process that works efficiently and effectively... THAT process is now being made available through An Ever Better World Internet Academy...

1. Attend Orientation Course.

2. Enroll and Work with Basic Courses and Academy Mentor to Identify Your Authentic Self, Purpose, Passions and Desired Results.

3. Consult with Registrar to determine the Learning Path and Skill Development Process for your personal best and highest good... Foundational Basic Courses are included in the Basic Enrollment Package paid for by your donations... Like any university, advanced skill development and some tools have additional financial cost involved; fortunately our method of delivery keeps investments very low when compared to high values received.

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This Internet Based Academy is founded on real-life common-sense practical applications of knowledge, talents, and developed skills... But as the saying goes "Common Sense is currently NOT so very common." thus at first it might be challenging to grasp just how amazingly simple success can be WHEN Universal Laws are known and WHEN a whole-life learning process is utilized... Like a rose bud, its full beauty can only be seen and appreciated when the petals are completely bloomed, which takes great patience while nature works its law of growth magic... Even when the buds begin to be produced on the rose bush, IF anybody attempts to open the petals of a rose bud, the flower would be destroyed... We MUST allow the unfoldment process to happen naturally along the established pathway for the specific desired result... Most refer to this process as a DNA Code and Its Pathway... WHEN you know the DNA code and have observed its successful development pathway sufficiently, then how to successfully get the same results repeatedly becomes clear... Unfortunately few people KNOW what Their Authentic Self DNA Code is, thus it is only by luck that a pathway is found to successfully develop and thrive in the glory of joyfully living in alignment with their authentic purpose and passions... Therefore most people live lives of quiet desperation, doing whatever comes along to get along enough to survive.

The Basic Adult Courses focus on:

1. What are the Desired Results?

2. ARE the current methods of thinking and acting producing Desired Results???? ... If not, then it is wise to consider what the causes are and make necessary adjustments that are more likely to produce WHAT is actually desired.

3. Inspire Adults to investigate what and how current thinking IS being done, and how to adjust to thinking aligned with the path of least actions that will produce desired results for the best and highest good of the self and others.

Information about Personalized Education For Children is provided to parents who are attending, or have completed, Adult Basic Courses.... WHY??? ... Parents deserve direct access to knowledge and empowerment methods to gain educare skills for their self, which then makes it easy to also provide for the whole-life needs of their family.... This is the Natural Path for all to have Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity, FOR each of our BEST and HIGHEST Good.

This Path provides information about accessing and appropriately engaging our 7 intelligences and 54 senses in consciously shaping and reshaping energy to get desired results... Have you learned how to access and use your intelligences and senses to shape the substances of reality to manifest YOUR dreams????...

Think about the BEST Day you've lived so far... Would you like to have every day be THAT Best Day joyful, and even more so? ... You may have your desires IF you apply Success Engineering The Master Key System... This wisdom is offered as A MAJOR Element in Adult Basic Courses.

Every tool and piece of wisdom you need to actually create Good Fortune in your life is available within An Ever Better World Internet Academy....

NOTE: Because currently satisfying financial needs is required by most people, some courses offer options to do Exercises In Prosperity... They are OPTIONS... Paticipation in courses do NOT require participation in any application options. These options are selected to greatly enhance success speed in manifesting YOUR visions.

Each of the 5 elements in the Adult Success Science Basic Course require about 1 hour daily of attendence at an Internet Conference.

OPTION: Participants of these 5 elements may enter Training on How to Successfully be a Mentor, Coach and Registrar, with certification to do direct sales of courses, seminars and materials within the portfolio of An Ever Better World Internet Academy, and An Ever Better World Educare Cooperatives and Academy Campus Locations...

Our whole-life process bridges the Gap between current conditions and the conditions you desire. The curriculum you'll enjoy as a student is designed with one thing in mind - to present the kind of knowledge that will raise your level of success in every area of your life. --- The shortest safest path to acquire ANY skill is Apprenticeship Mentoring to learn from skilled artisans, beginning with exposure to wisdom from the greatest minds in the field of personal achievement. . . We are assembling the most amazing Mentoring System on the planet to help millions of people achieve astounding levels of success. The ever evolving Educare Cooperative is designed to connect you to the most advanced online and offline courses on Whole-Life SUCCESS ever assembled. You will soon discover the secret attitudes, techniques, methods, and strategies that, when you learn them, will skyrocket your success in virtually every area of your life expressions!

An Ever Better World Internet Academy Orientation Course -- For Our Best and Highest Good --- Your adventure begins with getting acquainted with the learning tools and processes that empower being able to deliberately, cousciously and consistently create desired results... The Orientation Course is presented several times during the week depending upon amount of new enrollments.

DAILY Marching Forward Achieving Desired Results - A FULL MONTH of sessions each lasting about 45 minutes for laser focused Entrepreneurial Mindset applications of The Science of Getting Rich For Practical Geniuses based on course creations by Rebecca Fine...

Monday -- Adult Success Science Basic Course Element # 1
The Master Key System by Charles Haanel reveals Universal Laws and offers an indepth system for the fastest method to consistently manifest desired results. It actually DOES contain the MOST Efficient METHOD to have all your visions manifest... but it MUST be DECODED to get The Master Key used to UNLOCK various wealth portals that await your exploration. --- Course Duration 26 weeks... Course repeats twice per year....

Tuesday -- Adult Success Science Basic Course Element # 2
Wealth Science -- Online and Offline Biz Success Engineering - features Science Of Getting and Being Rich based on writings of Wallace Wattles, and selections from Practical Genius created by Rebecca Fine, includes: Sequential presentations of the Certain Way of Thinking and Acting that produces success in ANY endeavor... -- Wealth Science Course duration 17 weeks.... Course repeats 3 times per year....

Wednesday Adult Success Science Basic Course Element # 3
Human Brain Biology --- Part 1. Nature's Path To Success -- explores how to accomplish more in life by doing less.... Text for this course is The Lazy Way To Success ebook by Fred Gratzon... Part 2. Brain Defrag and Removing Software Viruses From The Brain Course... Participating with this course is the most effective method for BREAKING FREE from the chains of mental bondage... Course Duration 26 weeks -- Course repeats twice per year.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Kick-Start Your Dream Lifestyle?

Thursday -- Adult Success Science Basic Course Element # 4
Life and Health Care -- explores how to have joyous life and optimum Health. A Great Irony of Life is that we spend all our HEALTH in pursuit of Financial Wealth .... And then ... Spend all that hard earned money in pursuit of the HEALTH Wealth sacrificed in getting the money... THERE IS A BETTER WAY to have BOTH health and financial forms of wealth... Discover this easy to do method... During THIS Course participants of the Internet Academy Basic Courses MAY present THEIR health related programs and have them listed on the Internet Academy Membership Page... Course Duration 17 weeks... Course repeats 3 times per year.

Friday -- Adult Basic Success Science Course Element # 5
Introduction to Prosperity Pathway Options -- explores how to directly create An Ever Better World in all realms of our life expressions, that can result in having Paradise On Earth.... Includes Website Design and creating, Commerce on-line and off-line, Body Politic, and Recreations... Some Options presented:

Course Duration 17 weeks... Course repeats 3 times per year.

Saturday and Sunday
Gratitude Celebrations presented by various cultures around the planet... This is your opportunity to share the beauty and goodness within the cultures and beliefs you embrace for empowering An Ever Better World.

NOTE: Active Course Participants MAY schedule additional times to present THEIR programs and have them listed on the Internet Academy Membership Page...

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IF you have a course you teach and would like to have it added to the curriculum, contact Dean Darlene Sartore at --- In Subject Line type: Course I can do ... In Message area include details, a short self-Bio, and your contact information.

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Simply by participating with this wisdom-generating system, it's possible to instantly learn how all forms of wealth manifests WHEN correct knowledge is applied...

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