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For An Ever Better World Internet Academy

Enrollment is very easy... Simply:

1. Send email to enroll@aneverbetterworld.org
In Subject Line type: Enroll me
In Message area, type: Your Full Name, email and postal addresses, and telephone number... Also include your Qname and Skype user names if you already have these.... Participants communicate mostly using these tools... Plus it is appreciated if you provide a Bio about yourself, include your primary interests, occupation, passions, visions, and whatever else you'd like share about you... If you already present an educational course you would like to have considered for addition to the Academy's curriculum, provide details.

2. Attend Internet Academy Orientation via Internet Conference -- Ask OnLine Room Moderator for day and time for the NEXT Orientation...
Conference Room Entry --

Backup Room Entry website: http://www.libertyzone.com/conferenceroomentry.html

3. After attending Internet Academy Orientation you may attend Basic Courses as a FREE Auditor, or subscribe to Courses (some issue diploma), Newsletter, and have access to other services offered.

4. When you see the huge values of An Ever Better World Internet Academy, you begin making a Gratitude Gift or Donation of $25.00 per month to support CORE FREE Courses offered at An Ever Better World Internet Academy... This Gratitude Gift reveals your value and support of the mission and services offered... Plus Gratitude Gifts empower participating with programs and courses offered only to PAY It Forward Givers. The preferred contribution method is via PayPal subscription account BUTTON BELOW or send funds direct from your Paypal account to pay@aneverbetterworld.org --- other online methods are via GreenZap and SafePay... Ask for details on using these methods.

NOTE: The financial support enables offering FREE DAILY CORE Curriculum via Internet VereConferencing... Common sense reveals that there are Operating COSTS involved in any services offered... WHEN we each pay a little, THEN the POOL created flows funds to use in doing common interest projects that none of us can do alone... LIKE creating Personalized Education for CHILDREN.... IF you are SINCERE about replacing poverty with prosperity, THEN you are WELCOME to attend the FREE Courses and participant in financial wealth building projects, many of which are FREE to begin... Then you will have plenty of money to help support projects that create An Ever Better Lifestyle for yourself and An Ever Better World for all.....

Current FREE To Audit Courses for ADULTS include:

Internet Academy OVERVIEW & Updates
NEW Semester Begin January 2, 2008 and July 2, 2008 --
10:00a.m. EASTERN Time Zone is Open to Public FREE Course
Conference Room Entry --

Academy CORE Advanced Adult Courses, Overview & Updates are set at times and conference room locations announced ONLY to PAYING Participants (see # 4 above) ...

Children's Curriculum is under development.... IF this is an area of interest, let us know...

Advanced Adult Courses are continually being added... NEW Advanced FEE-Based Courses began January 2007 and more will continually be added as participants express interest... Monitor Calendar (provided only to those fulfulling #4 above) and attend Monday through Friday 10am and 10pm sessions for announcements.

Advanced Faculty Training: HOW To BE A HIGHLY PAID Learning Facilitator, Consultant, Mentor, Coach and Course RESELLER, with An Ever Better World Internet Academy... Among many other skills you can acquire, you can learn how to inspire clients to discover personal passions, and if so desired to earn a HUGE income doing something each LOVES to do... ONE Year LIVE Online Course -- 8 hours FIRST Class, then 2 Hours Weekly -- Course Cost $1,995.00... of this fee $1500. is paid directly to the Enrolling Course Facilitator... (Thus we can have "Pay It Forward Givers" qualify for Scholarships... Installments are available at $175.00 monthly, or $45.00 weekly.).....NOTE: Reseller Particants can begin earning as a Course Enroller AFTER FIRST class.... Course DAYS and TIMES set according to needs of participants.

An Ever Better World Internet Academy primarily uses Internet Conferencing and Videos because when correctly used any interactive and picture-action format, provides a POWERFUL INSTANT learning tool, and can be used for programming the brain's software to produce desired results... The type of results that will mainfest are formulated by the consciousness and conscience of each individuals encountering "preformance"... By FIRST experiencing NEW information OUTside the self, the INNER self can clearly the first time grasp what is desired... You will hear us refer to this as the CAPTAIN's method of communication with the CREW... This system of learning is so effective that it's essential to HAVE Brain Software FILTERS installed that can wisely use the intelligences and senses to accept into the brain's programming ONLY that which will DO NO HARM... Such value-productive self-educare skills are acquired as a student of the An Ever Better World Internet Academy...

IF a civilization selects to recognize and respect Human Beings as Sovereigns living in a free-FAIR-market place within a libertartian-style society, then it's vital to have self-survivial free-will WISE choice-making skills firmly in place.... Sovereign Beings MUST have CONSCIOUS awarenesss of WHAT being sovereign actually is, AND have in place a powerful system to LEARN ABOUT and PROTECT our sovereignty.. These Learning and Body Politic Systems must be based on dual recognition of the sovereignty of all humankind and intrinsic rights of all individuals, along which we must have global law to set forth individual responsibilities and accountability. It is wise to have a written Universal Bill Of Rights that clearly sets forth WHAT is and WHAT PROTECT the rights of individuals, upholding that the world's people are the sovereigns of this planet... Our creation of political boundaries or world's nation-states are organization methods to sustain life and to pool our resources to do collective endeavors, these fictions are NOT sovereigns.... There is NO such thing as "government", such illusion is only a word used to indicate a "gang of people" forcing their collective agreements on others.... Our innate Authentic Self's mind-spirit connection, WHEN accessed, knows how to govern each of us in accord with what is most beneficial for all the universe...

Unfortunately current memes often blocks access to the Authentic Self and disempowers

Appropriate Response-ableness... Thus many people decay into being irresponsible "speed-boat users" causing massively huge wakes that do harm to others who happen to get catch in the turbulent waters of a passing speed-boat.

Accurate Brain Programming

For this Internet Site and all that is associated with it, including An Ever Better World Internet Academy, use of the term Accurate Brain Programming means that which is LIFE-empowering, survival supportive, and optimum health manifesting. (Life and Health are the greatest forms of wealth.)...

Do you know that so far it's been determined Human Beings have 7 "intelligences" and at least 54 "senses"?... Reason suggests that THE MORE OF THESE intelligences and senses that an individual accesses, the more easily the brain is programmed, the faster complex learning skills are acquired, and the more quickly desired physical skill development occurs..

Did you know that through history more has been known about "brain programming" by slave-masters, than by freedom-seekers?... Are you aware that throughout human history "brain programming" and "memes" have been used more effectively by death-style evil-doers, than by the general population of life-style do-gooders?...

If not, then this knowledge, along with how to program the brain to be LIFE-empowering, can be quickly acquired by participating with this presentation and by...

Using the Interactive Workshops
offered within the
An Ever Better World Internet Academy...

acquire LIFE-empowering Brain Programming
and live the LIFEstyle that's desired!!!!

Simply by participating with this wisdom-generating system, it's possible to instantly learn how all forms of wealth manifests WHEN correct knowledge is applied...

Note: PODCAST will be created of some sessions and posted on our Qchannel... so be sure to be subscribed to the Qchannel to access this service....
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