DeskView2G & & Qchannel by Quikonnex
Use for direct communications by
An Ever Better World Internet Academy

By using the FREE DeskView Communicator it's FREE and now very easy to END the hassels of undeliverable emails ....

Plus for a very affordable price you can be co-publishers and publishers on our Q-channels (blogs, RSS feeds), create mp3 audios and broadcast them in methods that get high list rankings in Search Engines... These are powerful tools for online publishing of information about YOUR services, offering online training, and communicating with NO spam challenges. Only people you add to your Q-list can communicate with you.... Plus you can instantly remove anyone who violates your contact rules...

These Q-Tools will be the ONLY method Internet Academy staff communicates directly with students...

You are invited to participate in the "By-Invitation-Only" release of DeskView2G by Quikonnex.

Invitation provided by: Darlene Sartore
Qname: An-Ever-Better-World

Includes subscription to: Qchannel for An Ever Better World Internet Academy.

NOTE: Wisely select your Q-name... Later, if you decide to be a Q-publisher, this name will also be used as YOUR Q-channel (blog) name... Your real name is OK, especially if popularity of your name is the goal... In using your real name Capitalize the FIRST letter of your First and Last Name. Otherwise select a name that reflects what you desire people to connect with you.

Within Privacy Settings on your Internet Browser set cookies and sites to receive from ....

To insure a clean install, please download and SAVE the file below TO YOUR computer, and then run the install file.

Invitation URL:

After launching DeskView2G for the first time, click Register, enter the Keycode provided to register.

In Registering DeskView2G you might need to use:

Keycode: b0fd1191e0cdb82e1b12

(Right-click to copy & paste keycode into DeskView)


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for full compatibility:

Windows OS only, Internet Explorer 5.x or 6 only (not compatible with IE7Beta), Windows Media 7 or higher.

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